The value of regular team meetings


June 24, 2024

As the busy season ramps up in the pest control world, one of the first things we tend to neglect is regular team meetings.

Contrary to popular belief, however, team meetings should be one of the last things we abandon. When issues arise and challenges emerge, effective communication and problem-solving become critical for achieving sustained success.

Photo: Getty Images: Juanmonino/E+

Photo: Getty Images: Juanmonino/E+

Regular meetings matter

Without consistent meetings, we risk only addressing surface-level problems while deeper issues persist. It’s like bandaging a wound without treating the underlying infection. Still, many people dislike meetings because meetings often feel unproductive and aimless.

The solution is structured meetings. Entrepreneur Gino Wickman, in his book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, emphasizes the importance of structured, weekly leadership meetings — trademarked by EOS Worldwide as Level 10 (L10) Meetings. These events are designed to enhance accountability and drive results.

The L10 Meeting follows a clear agenda:

▶ Check-in (5 minutes): Share personal and professional updates.
▶ Headlines (5 minutes): Provide departmental updates.
▶ Scorecard (5 minutes): Review progress against goals.
▶ Accountability (5 minutes): Track completion of assigned tasks.
▶ Identify, Discuss, Solve (60 minutes): Also trademarked by EOS, “IDS” is where you delve into issues, discussions and solutions.
▶ To-do Review (5 minutes): Outline action items for the upcoming week.

On a personal note, implementing this structured approach transformed our meetings. Communication improved and team members became more accountable, leading to positive impacts throughout our organization.

A ripple effect

By actively addressing business challenges during meetings, we shift our focus from reacting to issues to preventing them. It’s essential to recognize that every business, regardless of size, faces internal challenges that need attention.

Moreover, your team will begin to anticipate these meetings, viewing them as essential checkpoints for progress. They will become the cornerstone of your weekly schedule, surpassing other commitments in importance.

Interestingly, this structured approach will also reduce interruptions throughout the week, allowing you to be more productive during focused work sessions.

Extending success

The success of your leadership meetings will influence other departments within your company. Similar meeting structures will be adopted in service, sales and office meetings. The outcome? Improved communication among departments, increased accountability, and a noticeable reduction in chaos.

As a result of these systematic changes, your company will experience accelerated growth and improved profitability with fewer operational challenges and smoother processes.

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