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June 26, 2024



Bird-X offers comprehensive bird netting options for every project. BirdNet is available in a range of sizes and colors to accommodate commercial and residential applications. The manufacturer will provide custom-cut netting to fit your precise area and dimensions. With custom-cut netting, you can streamline the installation process, save time and eliminate on-site cutting and waste, making installation faster and easier.

About Bird-X

Bird-X is celebrating 60 years in the bird control industry. On Jan. 17, 1964, the Elmhurst, Ill.-based manufacturer began its journey to becoming a supplier of humane bird control products. Bird-X started as a small idea, starting with a Bird Lite (today known as the Bird Strobe Light) that was being sold to deter birds from commercial areas.

“My father started this business with a Bird Lite, a chemical bird repellent, and an ultrasonic bird repeller,” recalls Bird-X Sales Director Joe Seid, son of company founder Richard Seid. “No one in the world had anything like that in 1964. They were revolutionary go-to-market products in the bird control industry.”

In the beginning, Bird-X was a single-employee business that was entirely operated by Richard Seid. The company spent the first 28 years selling innovative bird control products via trade publications. Readers responded to the ads in these publications and Bird-X sold bird control products directly to the end user.

“In its early years, it was less than a mom-and-pop operation,” Richard Seid said in the news release. “It started with one employee — me — and I was all job descriptions, from president to shipping clerk to phoneanswering person. With growth, we added administrative help, then production oversight, then sales and promotion, bookkeeping, etc.”

In 1992, Joe Seid joined the family business as the company’s 10th employee and strategically expanded sales channels. This was the start of a major growth period for the company. Throughout years of a dedicated online presence, combined with a knowledgeable team of bird control sales specialists, Bird-X has become a time-tested leader in the bird control industry.

Now, Bird-X supplies a growing product line of over 400 humane bird control solutions used in over 60 countries around the world, with a seasoned staff — 20 percent of which have been a part of the company for more than 25 years and have directly contributed to the tremendous growth and success.

This year, Bird-X is celebrating its success, the employees who helped the company get there and the customers who are part of this journey. Bird-X invites people to celebrate with the company throughout 2024 by following Bird-X on social media: FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube.

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