Atticus: Tirade Ultra SC


June 28, 2024



Atticus’ new, trademarked Tirade Ultra SC controls more than 100 labeled insect pests indoors and outdoors with low use rates. Its active ingredient is beta-cyfluthrin, offering broad-spectrum control with quick knockdown and long residual activity. In addition, Tirade Ultra SC is a fast-acting, pre-binning and residual treatment for stored grains and livestock housing.

Tirade Ultra SC’s liquid formulation means less agitation during use, making it user-friendly and ensuring a more even spray dispersion, resulting in thorough insect control. It also offers low toxicity without compromising effectiveness, and leaves no odor or staining. It is available in packages of six (240milliliter bottles), eight (900milliliter bottles) and 48 (32milliliter bottles).

Tirade Ultra SC joins several other Atticus insecticides for pest management professionals (PMPs) and vector control specialists, including:

  • Turonyx Ultra FX (beta-cyfluthrin, imidacloprid)
  • Turonyx Ultra Ready-to-Spray (beta-cyfluthrin, imidacloprid)
  • Talak (bifenthrin)
  • Elusion 2 SC (chlorfenapyr)
  • Tirade 1% Dust (cyfluthrin)
  • Adjourn SC (deltamethrin)
  • Notion 2 SC Flex (imidacloprid)
  • DeVito With EnduraCap Technology (lambda-cyhalothrin)
  • Simterro 9.7 (lambda-cyhalothrin)
  • Nix IGR Concentrate (pyriproxyfen)

About Atticus LLC

Bootstrapped and independently operated. Atticus, a demand-driven manufacturer of battle-tested chemistries, was established in 2014 and built from the ground up. With a stated purpose to “Enhance Daily Life,” Atticus has created a relevant portfolio of branded-generic herbicides, insecticides and fungicides to support and sustain life; plants, animals and the basic needs of people; food, clothing and shelter. Whether Atticus serves you with agriculture or ecocore products, the goal is to operate in a way that is nimble, accessible and reliable. As an independent company, Atticus makes decisions at your speed. To ensure that is always the case, Atticus lives by its value proposition: Relevant. Simple. Reliable.

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