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July 3, 2024



Allergy Technologies has expanded its concept of ATAHC, the company’s trademarked, property-wide, prevention-based solution for bed bugs in affordable housing. ATAHC Plus now includes solutions for rodents, cockroaches and other nuisance pests in affordable housing, building upon the successful formula that resulted in ATAHC cutting bed bug reintroductions by more than 95 percent.

ATAHC is a strategic approach to pest control in affordable housing that employs technology, various product applications, treatment best practices, and, most importantly, developing a rapport with residents.

“Lack of receptivity is a major obstacle. You can’t provide pest control services if the resident doesn’t open the door,” Joseph Latino, president of Allergy Technologies, the Ambler, Pa.-based company that offers the ATAHC Plus Program nationally, noted in a news release.

According to Allergy Technologies, a 35 percent forced entry rate for pest control in affordable housing is not atypical. It reports the rate is reduced to 2 percent or less through the ATAHC Plus program.

ATAHC Plus begins with a preliminary evaluation of the property, followed by a thorough treatment plan to remediate any current pest problems, both internally and externally. Monitoring devices are then installed to ensure efficacy is maintained, with ongoing quarterly monitoring, wherein treatment is applied as required. Like the proven ATAHC program, ATAHC Plus is designed to improve the lives of residents while saving time and money for property management and staff.

Dominique Sauvage, senior vice president for Allergy Technologies, says this is a great way for pest management professionals (PMPs) to grow their businesses, adding, “Callbacks cut into revenue, and ATAHC Plus is built to minimize them. Building a strong reputation in affordable housing and earning clients’ trust, respect and confidence is a surefire way for PMPs to protect profits and positively impact their bottom lines.”

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