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2033: Dr. Mampe’s Predictions for the Future of Pest Management By  - Posted on 10 Sep 2013 in 80th Anniversary Issue.

Pest management professionals (PMPs) can expect widespread changes by 2033, including: More regulations will sprout. There was a time when U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) labels read something like: For... Read more»

Mampe: On Head Lice, Beetles and Floor Age, Book Lice and Vole Baiting By  - Posted on 01 Oct 2001 in Voles.

By: Dr. Doug Mampe Head Lice Treatment Up to Homeowner Q: A homeowner has children with head lice. The school sent them home, and advised the homeowner to have the house treated.... Read more»

Mampe: The Eyes Have it in Identifying Phorids By  - Posted on 01 Mar 2001 in Small Flies.

By: Dr. Doug Mampe The Eyes Have It in Identifying Phorids Q: In many of my restaurant accounts, I am finding small flies that resemble fruit flies. We clean everything, yet the... Read more»

Overcome termite control challenges By  - Posted on 08 Jan 2019 in Business & featured & Pest Talk & Termites.

We asked Pest Management Professional‘s columnists and editorial board members what they thought the most challenging aspect of termite control is and how they work to overcome it. Here are... Read more»

Be productive during downtime By  - Posted on 18 Dec 2018 in Business & featured.

When the slow season arrives, it can be hard to feel productive. We asked the professionals who contribute to Pest Management Professional: How can PMPs best take advantage of downtime... Read more»

Get the most out of a pest industry meeting, conference By  - Posted on 10 Dec 2018 in Business & featured & Pest Talk.

The professionals who contribute to Pest Management Professional have been to many industry events. We asked them: What is the best way to get the most out of pest industry... Read more»

Cockroach control advice from the pros By  - Posted on 19 Oct 2018 in Cockroaches & featured & Pest Talk.

What is one step that will put PMPs on the path to cockroach control? Read more»

5 questions with Larry Pinto By  - Posted on 02 Oct 2018 in Bed Bugs & Human Interest & Mice & Rats.

Our question-and-answer session this month focuses on Larry Pinto, who with his wife and fellow entomologist, Sandy Kraft, has published “Techletter,” a bi-weekly training newsletter for pest management technicians, since... Read more»

How to persuade customers to avoid DIY pest control By  - Posted on 17 Sep 2018 in featured & Pest Talk & Technical.

Here's some advice on what to say to DIY-determined customers. Read more»

Advising customers with bed bugs By  - Posted on 27 Aug 2018 in Bed Bugs & featured.

What’s the most important piece of information/advice to give a customer with bed bugs? Read more»