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The perfect match: Recent industry mergers Posted on 19 Jan 2019 in the Business & News categories.

It would seem that Santa was very good to several pest management professionals (PMPs) last month, in that there were quite a few companies looking to sell that matched up... Read more»

NYC: Mandatory bed bug inspections at the movies? Posted on 17 Jan 2019 in the Bed Bugs & Crawling the Web categories.

Last month, New York City Councilman Mark Levine introduced Bill No. 1289, “A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to inspections... Read more»

Dr. Gary Bennett honored for attending 50th Purdue Pest Management Conference Posted on 15 Jan 2019 in the featured & Pest Talk categories.

On Jan. 7, 2018, PMP Hall of Famer Dr. Gary Bennett was honored by fellow PMP Hall of Famer Dr. Bobby Corrigan and by Rentokil-Steritech’s Gene White, BCE, for attending... Read more»

Laura Simpson: Ready for what’s next Posted on 15 Jan 2019 in the featured & Human Interest categories.

Laura Simpson has been involved in pest control from the operations, insurance and association sides. Now that her company has sold to Rentokil, she’s welcoming her next chapter. Read more»

Dr. Faith Oi: Education and research fuel the fire Posted on 14 Jan 2019 in the featured & Human Interest categories.

Dr. Faith Oi guides entomology students, school faculty and pest management professionals on the reasons pest control is vital to public health. Read more»

A killer (ant) movie coming to theaters Jan. 25 Posted on 07 Jan 2019 in the Crawling the Web categories.

Mark Jan. 25 on your calendars. Nope, not a training day, but an entertaining one: That’s when the movie “Dead Ant” debuts, in theaters, on-demand and digital HD. It was... Read more»

Pi Chi Omega strikes up the fun Posted on 06 Jan 2019 in the featured & Pest Talk categories.

I’m not much for participatory journalism — nor should I be, in this industry, as I’m not licensed to work in any state! But after a five-hour drive Sunday afternoon... Read more»

Laura Simpson talks about industry change Posted on 04 Jan 2019 in the featured & Pest Talk categories.

When asked whether she has seen many changes in the professional pest management industry for women over her 39-year career, Dugas Pest Control President Laura Simpson responds with an enthusiastic... Read more»

Neighborhood dynamics influence mosquito risk Posted on 03 Jan 2019 in the featured & Mosquitoes categories.

In a recent edition of Parasites & Vectors, researchers from the Millbrook, N.Y.-based Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies reports socioeconomic differences among neighborhoods can influence bite risk, with rats being... Read more»

A compassionate industry, but one with room to grow Posted on 02 Jan 2019 in the featured & Pest Talk categories.

University of Florida (UF) entomologist Dr. Faith Oi says she is proud to be part of an industry that is so charitable. “Many companies very quietly provide services pro bono,... Read more»