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Fact vs. Fiction: Starlings

December 15, 2014 By
Fiction: All blackbirds are starlings. Fact: As with most common names, several species are referred to as blackbirds. Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris), however, get their name from the word star. When they undergo their annual molt after breeding, they have white... Read more»

Bird Management: Not as Simple as One Might Think

September 30, 2014 By
To many, bird management equates to merely tackling pigeons, sparrows and starlings. But our industry must foresee myriad other challenges, such as: woodpeckers drilling holes in the marque facing of a country club; seagulls nose-diving near children eating popcorn; and... Read more»

Bird ID Essential to Management

January 1, 2008 By
By:┬áDan Collins My interest in birds began at age 15. At that time, I simply couldn’t believe all the different species of birds living in my backyard. I was hooked. My spare time was devoted to finding and identifying as... Read more»

Starlings are No Match for an Integrated Approach

March 1, 2007 By
Joe Felegi, president of Critter Control of Florida, is always appreciative of the mutual referrals his six-office franchise has with several area pest management firms. But one recent referral in particular required his crew to become a bit creative. Bird... Read more»

Keeping Foods Bird-Free: Bird-X Spikes

March 1, 2007 By
Of all the pest control problems facing the food and beverage industry, birds are probably the most common. Birds, says Richard Kammerling, owner and president of R.K. Chemical Systems, Inc., whose New York-based company has been delivering pest management consultation... Read more»