Tips & Tricks: Moles vs. voles

January 18, 2017 By
Many technicians misdiagnose disrupted dirt or tunneling systems that appear in a yard. Homeowners call and think they have moles, when in reality they most likely have voles. Remember, voles have clearly visible openings at each end of their tunnel... Read more»
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Photo: Critter Control

Critter Control franchise heeds the call of the wild

August 4, 2016 By
Kevin Clark was a small fish in a big pond. Now he’s a big fish in a big pond. After starting and expanding Critter Control through franchising, he has helped Rollins grow strategically by selling his business to it. After... Read more»

Fact vs. Fiction: Voles

August 10, 2013 By
Fiction: Vole is just another name for field mouse. Fact: Voles are frequently called field mice or meadow mice, but they occupy a different branch of the taxonomic family tree than mice. They’re from the family Cricetidae (North American species... Read more»

Pest Mystery

August 1, 2005 By
If you’ll recall from the July mystery (page 72), a mysterious critter digging in yards was immortalized in rhyme. The culprit was a vole (Microtus spp.). Sometimes known as a field or meadow mouse (which makes some homeowners unfortunately lump them... Read more»
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Mampe: On Head Lice, Beetles and Floor Age, Book Lice and Vole Baiting

October 1, 2001 By
By: Dr. Doug Mampe Head Lice Treatment Up to Homeowner Q: A homeowner has children with head lice. The school sent them home, and advised the homeowner to have the house treated. What should I use, and how should it be applied?... Read more»
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