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Chalk Talk

Reassessing Rodent Management Techniques

March 10, 2016 By
The evolution of five approaches to rodent management. When I was a young technician, our rodent control program consisted of applying rodenticide indoors and on the exterior. We expected a good kill and the inevitable odor that comes with the... Read more»
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Chalk Talk: 10 Tips for Better Termite Management

February 3, 2016 By
  The secret to profitability lies in avoiding retreats at every turn. Occasionally, a subterranean termite job is done correctly. Label directions were followed and there’s no obvious reason why the job should fail — but it did. Why? Here’s... Read more»
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Hunting House Mice in Office Buildings

December 23, 2015 By
You should already know these facts about the house mouse (Mus musculus), but they’re worth reviewing. Mice: ⦁ are so small, they can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime; ⦁ tend to be nocturnal; ⦁ often hide... Read more»
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Bed Bugs: Perfect Parasite for the Perfect Host

October 26, 2015 By
Our learning curve managing bed bugs continues to rise as we learn from our mistakes and depend on the research institutes to discover more information we can find useful to combat these blood-sucking creatures. This means you have to learn... Read more»
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Ants and the Overlooked Opportunity for Ongoing Income

August 17, 2015 By
Ants have a lot going for them. Let’s examine why, so we can gain the upper hand. It’s important to understand basic ant management principles based on their behavior. When you knock out an ant population in a zone, the... Read more»
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How to Take a Green Approach to Subterranean Termite Control

May 11, 2015 By
Termites serve an important function in an ecosystem. They recycle cellulose, aerate soil, and serve as food for birds and predatory insects. In the Amazon, a family can expect a new house about every five years because termites eat the... Read more»