How simple technology can lessen the workload throughout a day in the life of a Pest Management Professional

Bell Laboratories

Non-iQ® Product PMP

A Pest Management Professional (PMP) is tasked with servicing a large warehouse. This manufacturing company has had a recent infestation of rats, so it has little margin for any service interruptions. The customer requires that the devices are checked every few days.

To get started, the PMP completes an inspection and finds that rodents are traveling along the scaffolding in the warehouse and likely entering the facility through the loading docks. The PMP set up traps throughout the facility, including on rafters, scaffolding and in other hard-to-reach areas. As a result, they must haul a heavy ladder throughout the 600,000 sq. ft. warehouse, including setting up and climbing the ladder every few feet. The PMP must also place bait stations around the exterior of the building where there are signs of rodent activity. Due to the size of the facility and normal workplace disruptions, the process ate into the entire day and left the PMP unable to take a break for lunch.

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After that, the PMP goes back to the facility to check on each trap and bait station that was set out. While on site, the PMP hauls a ladder throughout the warehouse to inspect every one of the 400 devices, which takes about 10-15 seconds per device. The added time comes in when the PMP is slowed down by loading and unloading ladders and squeezing through tight spaces.

Most devices are untouched, but some devices have nibbled bait while only a couple have verified catches. The process of checking each device leaves little time for other important steps like exclusion techniques, important facetime with the warehouse’s account manager, thorough note taking, or a break.

iQ® Product PMP

A Pest Management Professional set up 100 traps throughout a large warehouse to help reduce the rodent population. In order to check every trap manually, the PMP was tasked with hauling a ladder throughout the facility and squeezing through tight spaces. All in all, the whole ordeal took several hours. After doing this several times, the PMP thought there had to be a more efficient way to check this many traps while also reducing the physical toll.

After switching to iQ traps and bait stations, the PMP noticed significant time savings and reduced injury risk. Checking all of the devices with iQ only took 15 minutes, compared to several hours with non-iQ products. With iQ, the PMP can use the Bell Sensing app on their mobile phone to check each device from up to 150 feet away. The app has a verified catch feature which reduces the time spent using ladders and squeezing through tight spaces.

Now they spend their time on doors, cracks, crevices, and drilling down problems. They were also able to get more facetime with the facility manager at the account, where they were able to showcase the benefits of their service like the verified catch feature and the timestamped rodent activity. After each visit, data from the sensors and app are uploaded to the online portal.

This information can be used by the PMP to not only discuss with the facility manager, but it can be used to review current and historical trendlines to stay ahead of impending infestations. In this case, they were able to use timestamped rodent activity to determine that bait stations located near the loading docks were receiving more activity than normal around 4 p.m. From this information, they were able to ascertain that a corresponding grain shipment was drawing more rodents to the area. Knowing this information, the PMP was able to relocate traps and bait stations to where they were needed most, resulting in more captured rodents.

Photo by: Bell Labs

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