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Until now, effective application of dry flowable baits has been limited by the application tool used.

Not anymore.

The Precision Delivery System (PDS) featuring Doxem Precise provides an innovative way to apply dry flowable cockroach bait deep into voids, cracks, crevices and harborage where traditional methods cannot reach.

The PDS allows fast, easy, controlled, precise application of Doxem Precise into areas where pests live and breed. The bait, with its long residual and effectiveness saves time, money and callbacks.

The next big thing in professional pest management

Doxem Precise is a dry flowable bait formulation that is non-staining, long lasting and easy to apply. It is specially designed to flow through the Precision Delivery System, penetrating deep into cracks, crevices and voids where pests live and breed.

What is the Precision Delivery System?

The Precision Delivery System and Doxem Precise.

The Precision Delivery System and Doxem Precise.

The Precision Delivery System is a handheld microduster, designed to deliver small, precise amounts of dry flowable formulations into voids, cracks and crevices. It allows PMPs to work quickly, accurately and precisely in their dry flowable bait applications.

The Precision Delivery System Advantage

PDS in action

Attendees of Pestworld 2019 were able to see just how easy the Precision Delivery System is to use for applying the dry flowable bait.

The Precision Delivery System (PDS) will be available to purchase with a starter kit or individually.

Starter Kit
Contains a PDS unit, holster, applicator straws and 4 bait cartridges.

Individual PDS Unit
Contains a PDS unit, holster and applicator straws.

Words from the pros

During PestWorld 2019, Jeremi Farrar, regional manager, J&J Exterminating Co.; Raleigh Jenkins, president, ABC Home & Commercial Services; and Dr. Janis Reed, technical services manager for pest control operations with Control Solutions Inc., took center stage to offer attendees insights into how the new Precision Delivery System and Doxem Precise dry flowable bait works and how both have performed out in the field.

Here are a few of the highlights.

Q: Tell us a little about your experience with Doxem Precise and PDS in your field trials.
JENKINS: The more I heard about it, the more excited I became about it. It’s always great to be able to put it in the technicians’ hands in the field. We put it in their hands, we did some treatments. I don’t use the words “game changer” often, but I’ll use it on this. This became a game changer.

FARRAR: After 20 years of being in the industry, it really changed my take on how we can handle German cockroach populations in commercial kitchens, with what we are able to do with this system and how precise we can be.

REED: With our application device, you know how much you’re putting out per the number of seconds that that trigger is being pulled. So if you’re in the field and you’re having to record and report the amount of product that you’re using, we have simplified that process dramatically with this piece of equipment.

Pestworld panel discussion

At PestWorld 2019, Reed, Farrar and Jenkins discussed their experience working with Doxem Precise.

Q: How did it compare to other tools you’ve used?
JENKINS: We were coming into this thing as, “Hey, some of these code red accounts are taking a little bit more time than we’d want them to take.” When we put this in their hands, they all became the advocates. And that doesn’t happen a lot. You don’t get technicians who get excited as much as they did when we put this in their hands.

FARRAR: It’s different than any kind of dry flowables that we’ve used before. You can control where it goes; you know where you’re putting it and it adheres to pretty much any surface. So, it’s just unique as to how the product actually works and how it binds with things.

JENKINS: I can tell you this is the silver bullet that will eliminate, not control, German roaches in difficult commercial kitchens.

Q: What do you like about the PDS?

FARRAR: This is completely different. It takes us to an all new level of professionalism.

Q: Why should PMPs add this to their portfolio of products?

FARRAR: Why not use a product that is innovative, right? You want to be ahead of the game in your particular city or state or wherever you’re at, and this is the way to do it.

JENKINS: This has got to be in the hands of every commercial technician.

Q: Any final thoughts?

JENKINS: If you’re not digging into this and buying in on what we’re saying here, I think you’ve passed up a very big opportunity.

FARRAR: Using stuff like this, it allows us to be very effective with what we do with a very good product in a professional manner. And it’s a silver bullet.

REED: You’re looking at the next big thing in pest control.

Field-tested solution

Farrar, Jenkins and Reed offer insights into how the new Precision Delivery System and Doxem Precise dry flowable bait works and how both have performed out in the field.

Learn more about the Precision Delivery System and Doxem Precise at csi-pds.com.

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