Sponsored content by BASFA good product can help you manage a pest infestation, but it’s a whole different story when you’ve found a product that can impact your bottom line — and result in notable business growth. When you find a manufacturer that offers multiple business-changing products, like BUGCO Pest Control has, then you found a partner for life.

We’re interviewing three pest management professionals this spring to hear how they were able to solve business problems, cut costs or build program offerings as the result of their partnerships with BASF.

When change pays off

Tride and True Pest and Termite Control switches to Selontra to save time — while gaining business

From the very beginning, Trevor Scott Turcott of Tride and True Pest and Termite Control knew having happy customers would correlate to having a successful business. After five different anticoagulant products did not work to handle a difficult pack rat (Neotoma spp.) account, he talked to his BASF representative, Kale Jaworski, about Selontra rodent bait, and knew he had found a winner.

Graphic: PMP StaffTurcott says he now believes so fully in Selontra that it is his crew’s go to rodent bait.

“Once I tell customers about Selontra, it convinces them to add on rodent treatment. In a lot of cases, I tell homeowners to wait to pay until I’m done. If I can’t get rid of them, don’t pay me. This has resulted in a 25 percent increase in neighbor referrals.”

Watch the final episode of “Boosting your business with BASF” below to hear Turcott describe how one pail made all the difference for his company.

Check back to learn more about how Tride and True has put Selontra to the test.

Saving money in the Texas heat

Fendona CS helps BUGCO “get treatments right the first time”

Jeff Murrell, Operations Manager at BUGCO Pest Control, knows that having the proper products can mean the difference between a happy customer and losing the company money.

Graphic: PMP Staff“If I have a good product, we won’t have callbacks to worry about,” Murrell says. “When you go on a callback, you aren’t making any money. We make sure to get things right the first time.”

When BUGCO became a BASF customer a few years ago, Murrell was thrilled to have access to products that were backed by a good reputation for an effective knockdown. But it wasn’t just the knockdown rate that appealed to Murrell. BASF products, particularly Fendona CS Controlled Release Insecticide, were able to stand up to the Texas heat, resulting in fewer callbacks.

Watch the second episode of “Boosting your business with BASF” below to hear Murrell describe the different ways Fendona CS has helped BUGCO “get treatments right the first time.”

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A time-saving solution for taking down termites

Yankee Pest Control relies on BASF products to ensure a quick, clean takedown.

“You’re going to make money from it, there’s no doubt.”

A few years ago, termite control accounted for only about 9 percent of Boston, Mass.-based Yankee Pest Control’s business. Since incorporating BASF products into its Healthy Home program, however, Yankee has seen a four-point growth in one year.

Graphic: PMP Staff“The first few jobs we did I tracked and serviced personally, and the BASF products killed the termites in record time,” Murphy says. “We were not only able to cut the price in half for the customer, but we were also able to cut the time of our service in half because the cost of the product went down. We were able to do a better job, and it took a lot less labor.”

Murphy created a three-tier system for Yankee’s Healthy Home program that allows customers to personalize the program to their specific needs. This gave the firm the opportunity to upsell customers and give them the best products — BASF products — in the top two levels.

Watch the first episode of “Boosting your business with BASF” below to hear Murphy describe the ways Termidor SC Termiticide/Insecticide and Trelona ABTS Annual Bait Stations from BASF helped his business grow.

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