Logo provided by LiphatechRodent bait stations have long been a key tool in the PMP arsenal. In combination with the right bait, they are a popular and effective way to get ahead of an infestation of damage-causing rodents. Below, the technical experts at Liphatech share insights about the company’s flagship bait stations – the Aegis®-RP and Aegis®-RP Anchor, including their differences and benefits.

Meet the Liphatech Technical Experts:

Tom BelcherVince RomaoJoey Hedgemon

What is an overarching benefit for PMPs who use Aegis-RP and Aegis-RP Anchor bait stations?

Belcher: PMPs can consider the Aegis stations the most versatile tool in their toolbox. The Aegis-RP and Aegis-RP Anchor stations accommodate soft bait, mini blocks, glue boards, traps or Liphatech’s easy-to-use SoftSecure™ Technology (SST) which is suitable for securing soft bait or mini blocks inside the bait stations at an elevated, more optimum feeding angle. There is no need for horizontal or vertical rods and the SST keeps bait in place and secure so that rodents can eat the bait between the metal bars. The versatility of these stations can help PMPs conquer any rodent problem.

Liphatech- Tom Belcher

How do Aegis-RP and Aegis-RP Anchor bait stations specifically differ from one another and why are rodents drawn to these stations?

Romao: Both the Aegis-RP and Aegis-RP Anchor are high-performing, tamper-resistant and quick-to-open bait stations with a versatile design for those that value faster service and reduced labor cost. They have an advanced technical design that attracts house mice, Norway rats and roof rats. These are strong and secure stations with mechanical hinges that secure the lid and operate down to -20o F for long service life. The only difference between the two models is that the Aegis-RP Anchor comes with over 12.5 lbs. of building-grade concrete on its base to keep it securely in place. These stations are enticing to rodents because they are designed so that rodents can see the exit before entry. Both stations come with a color choice: black or gray. The gray station blends with surroundings and helps reduce bait melt.

Liphatech, Vince Romao

What will a PMP notice when they service one of these Aegis bait stations?

Hedgemon: With the Aegis-RP stations, there really is a balanced blend of speed, quality and performance that PMPs will notice saves them time and ultimately, money. These stations offer a quick-to-service locking system and a universal Aegis key for unmatched opening speed. Not only are these stations strong, but the design allows for flexibility. Each station can be mounted vertically for tight or water-prone areas and features a lid that opens away from the wall. With four fast-draining holes, bait stays fresh and dry; and the train tunnel entrance and rounded interior sides make for easy clean-out.

Liphatech Pull Quote- Joey Hedgemon

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