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Affordable smart rodent monitoring technology provides time savings that can reduce labor costs.

Logo: Bell LaboratoriesA study was conducted to determine the amount of time saved from servicing iQ rodent monitoring devices, in this scenario Express iQ bait stations and 24/7 iQ multiple catch traps, versus servicing standard rodent devices such as EVO Express rat bait stations and Trapper 24/7 multiple catch mouse traps. This study was done in a 600,000-foot manufacturing facility and the devices were serviced weekly. The account was set up to have no rodent activity during the service, to remain consistent and eliminate any variables. The results found from this study show that servicing 228 devices, inside and outside of a 600,000-foot facility, would take 25 minutes with iQ devices versus two hours with standard devices.

The technician placed 53 Express iQ bait stations about fifty feet apart around the exterior of the facility. On the interior of the facility, 175 24/7 iQ multiple catch traps were placed by loading dock doors and under shipping rack pallets every twenty-five feet. The technician then returned to service the iQ products once a week for six weeks. When servicing iQ products, the technician simply connected to each device via the Bell Sensing Technologies app and verified that none of the devices had experienced activity. The technician also serviced the account once a week for six weeks checking similar devices without the use of iQ technology. This involved opening every device, visually inspecting the device, and scanning the bar code to track activity.

“The ways that PMPs can utilize the time savings from iQ products are infinite. Each PMP will surely figure out how they can best benefit from saving almost 80% of their rodent control labor time. iQ products simultaneously grow the PMP’s profitability while also providing its employees an easier way to perform their daily repetitive tasks,” said Patrick Lynch, ACE, Sr. Vice President of Sales.









Proof of iQ Time Savings

As the time study chart shows, to manually inspect 53 EVO Express rat bait stations it took on average 42 minutes to complete the service. Servicing the same amount of Express bait stations with iQ trays saved the technician about 32 minutes each visit, because the average time to service 53 Express iQ stations was only 10 minutes. This data proves that Express iQ can save a PMP up to 76% of their time. The results for multiple catch traps showed even better statistics. To service 175 Trapper 24/7 multiple catch mouse traps via manual inspection, on average it took one hour and 11 minutes to complete the service. When servicing 175 24/7 iQ multiple catch traps, the technician only spent 15 minutes, saving about 56 minutes of time each service visit. This means that a technician can save up to 79% of their time by utilizing 24/7 iQ traps at accounts. By averaging all this data out, it is proven that iQ technology can save up to 78% of a technician’s time per visit at each account.

Photo: Bell Laboratories

Photo: Bell Laboratories

Photo: Bell Laboratories

From the data gathered, the study proves that technicians can save up to 78% of their time servicing iQ devices, as compared to non-iQ devices. The majority of the time spent servicing the standard devices included walking up to and opening every station and trap, manually inspecting it, and scanning the barcode before closing it shut again. iQ devices’ time savings can primarily be attributed to increased service efficiency. The smart sensing iQ devices communicate rodent activity from 30 to 100 feet away, which significantly shortened the walking route and eliminated the need to bend, open and visually inspect all 228 devices. The automatically gathered data provides the necessary information that is needed by the professional to decide next steps and help determine solutions to the pest problem at hand. The technician still receives proof of service time stamps as validation that traps were inspected via data connection, and summarized reports are sent out after the service visit is completed.

Bell’s full line of iQ products is scalable, affordable, and uses integrated technology that will make any pest control business successful. The ability to check traps and stations by just being in proximity, saves PMPs so much valuable time. Instead of checking devices with no activity, that time can be used wisely to conduct in-depth inspections, provide exclusion efforts, or service other accounts. Switching to iQ will help protect customers and empower employees.

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Photo: Bell Labs

Photo: Bell Laboratories

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