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Pests adapt fast. Stay ahead of them.

Meet evolving pest threats with innovative solutions

Ants, bed bugs, cockroaches and other common pests are known to evolve strategies that help them evade conventional control measures. This resilience makes them challenging for any PMP, whether experienced or just starting out. To be successful, you must stay ahead of them with innovative solutions that can make an impact. With Envu, those solutions come from two of their flagship brands: Suspend® brand insecticides and Temprid® brand insecticides.

Arm yourself with knowledge

We all know that cockroaches are one of the tougher pests to stay ahead of because of their adaptability. Other pests have adapted to treatments to survive as well. Ant colonies have grown in size and complexity, and bed bugs are a problem everywhere from airports to the Paris Olympics, presenting formidable challenges for PMPs.

To fulfill maintenance contracts effectively, satisfy your customers the first time and avoid costly callbacks, you need to use a pest’s adaptation to your advantage — and Envu can help.

Suspend portfolio: All-in-one solutions

Suspend® PolyZone® insecticide and Suspend® SC insecticide are both powered by an advanced-generation pyrethroid to deliver proven all-in-one GIC solutions. They cover the broadest spectrum of pests and ensure effectiveness that lasts. With an advanced formulation that offers more uniform distribution of active ingredient particles, Suspend PolyZone insecticide increases the likelihood of contact with insects that have adapted to avoid treated areas.

Temprid portfolio: Solutions for tough pests

The Temprid portfolio from Envu gives you options that deliver proven performance on hard-to-manage pests like bed bugs. Temprid® FX insecticide remains the number one product on the market1 for controlling bed bug infestations. Our new Temprid® Dust starts eliminating them in 10 minutes2 and helps meet the challenge of treating hard-to-reach harborages where bed bugs have evolved to hide. Temprid brand insecticides also carry a flexible label that makes them strong solutions for over 50 pests.

Achieve more complete control through combined power

Carrying multiple options (like Suspend brand insecticides and Temprid brand insecticides) on your truck means you’ll have the tools you need to perform routine maintenance applications efficiently and effectively. These highly effective products will also help mitigate the risk of future pest adaptations, ensuring more satisfied customers and a more sustainable future of control. Visit Envu to learn about this portfolio of proven GIC solutions and more.

1Based on the percent of respondents who mention Temprid FX. Source: 2015.pdf.
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