Photo: CSIIn today’s tight labor market, pest management professionals need flexible and effective products that reduce the frequency and variety of applications needed for good pest control. They need products that serve many purposes and control many pests.  Doxem® Precise + the Precision Delivery System provides PMPs with both the most innovative product and delivery device and a bait that can manage many types of commonly encountered pests found in residential, commercial, and food handling accounts.

When treating a German cockroach infestation, service protocols should include applications to harborage areas like cracks, crevices, and voids. With traditional products, these areas are difficult to treat. With the Precision Delivery System, it is easy to apply Doxem Precise behind cabinetry, underneath furniture, inside wall voids, beneath trim and baseboards, and under cracked or damaged tile.

Many other suitable cockroach control products are limited in their spectrum of control – applications only target cockroaches. One benefit of including Doxem Precise in a service protocol is that it affects a broader spectrum of pests, reducing the number of products and applications a PMP needs to make to deliver an effective service.

Doxem Precise is highly effective on pest ant populations. It is easy to apply to the voids, cracks and crevices that ants traffic. The dry flowable bait remains palatable for long periods of time, removing the concern of baits drying out. When making applications to manage ants, focus on areas where ants are trailing and harboring. Make applications into these areas by accessing the crack, crevice, or void and actuating the PDS for 3-8 seconds. Other baits only penetrate 2-3 inches into a crack/crevice/void while Doxem Precise can penetrate 18-24 inches, reaching the areas where ant activity occurs. Doxem Precise can also be placed at entrance and exit holes, targeting ants as they trail into and out of a structure. Additionally, PMPs can reach void dwelling ants like odorous house ants, Argentine ants, and other tramp ants.

Doxem Precise does not stop with ants. It also controls silverfish. Doxem Precise’s ability to reach deep into harborages, cracks, and crevices allows the product to reach the cryptic places where silverfish are actively harboring and breeding. Areas around refrigerators, beneath stored boxes, inside wall voids and behind exterior siding can be effectively treated without unsightly traps or packs.


Areas outdoors can also be targeted with Doxem Precise applications. By treating entry points, cracks, crevices, and other construction voids, PMPs can address the areas where ants, silverfish, and other insects, like crickets and earwigs, can gain entry and reside.

Overall, Doxem Precise is a versatile tool for the management of many indoor and outdoor pests PMPs regularly face. Using the Precision Delivery System ensures that Doxem Precise applications consistently and uniformly cover the target treatment site. PMPs require dependable, flexible, and professional product options to include in cockroach and ant management programs. Having a reliable and effective bait formulation like Doxem Precise alongside this proficient delivery system together meet those needs.



Photo: CSI


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