SureKill® Evolve SC: SureKill’s Newest Broad-Spectrum Solution

Photo: NeogenWhen PMPs are searching for a broad-spectrum insecticide that offers effective knockdown and long-lasting control of listed pests, enter SureKill Evolve SC. SureKill Evolve SC is a suspension concentrate deltamethrin insecticide designed for both indoor and outdoor use and provides extended residual control for up to 90 days, ensuring protection long after the initial application. With a broad label encompassing many different sites and pests, Evolve SC reduces the need to have multiple products across multiple accounts.

General Household Pests (GHP):Photo by Neogen

Treatment for GHP often begins outdoors to reduce indoor infestations. Trimming bushes, trees, or grass that touch your residential structure can assist in reducing overall pest populations, while properly sealing pipes, vents, dampers, and exterior openings is an important step to prevent reentry. Additionally, ensure that trash, debris, and yard waste are sealed and disposed of in appropriate containers. Chemical treatments should be focused on where pests have been seen or found or can find shelter. Treat entry points around water pipes, utility penetrations, windows, doors, vents, and eaves. If treatments move indoors, treat areas where pests normally feed or hide, such as baseboards, corners, around water pipes, behind and under refrigerators, cabinets, sinks and stoves.

Mosquito:Photo by Neogen

In addition to the species of mosquito, identifying breeding sites is key to suppressing mosquito populations. Empty or drain areas of standing water, suggest circulating devices for water features, and recommended rocks instead of mulch where applicable. If customers are considering further habitat manipulation, certain flower and vegetation species will repel mosquitos and prevent water from pooling. When using Evolve SC to treat for mosquitoes target around landscape plants, turf and ground cover, under decks, around building foundations and other places where mosquitoes may rest. With 90-day residual control, Evolve SC can easily be utilized for warm weather seasonal mosquito treatments, or in annual programs in more temperate climates.

Turf and Ornamental:
Photo by Neogen

When it comes to turf and ornamental applications, Evolve SC is an excellent choice for active infestations of mole crickets, chinch bugs, ants, and other turf pests. Prior to any treatments, ensure that you are treating at the correct label rate and for the correct pest by identifying the cause of your infestation. Pouring soapy water into an area of damaged turfgrass as a spot test can help bring to surface pests that will guide your treatment. Stress on turf and ornamentals will make them more susceptible to pest pressures. Stress can be caused by overwatering, underwatering, mowing at the incorrect height, and more. Black sooty mold is a good indicator of the presence of scale insects, aphids, and in many cases ants. Foliar applications to landscape ornamentals will control aphids, scale insects, and other plant-sucking insects and limit the production of honeydew –an important food source for ant populations. Evolve SC’s added benefit of limiting honeydew production reduces food availability for ant populations, especially those that prefer a carbohydrate-based diet.

Neogen® provides solutions for every step of the food supply chain. We have a comprehensive portfolio for the professional pest industry, branded under SureKill®, as well as food processing, animal protein, and agricultural sectors across the globe. With the SureKill line, we manufacture many unique, industry-leading products, and we are committed to continuously improving the tools we offer to help you grow and protect your brand.

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Read entire product label and follow all use directions, use restrictions and precautions. Use only for the sites, pests, and application methods described on the product labels. It is a violation of Federal law to use these products in a manner inconsistent with their labeling.

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