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When it comes to termites, pest management professionals (PMPs) know that the stakes are high. Damage caused by these wood-destroying insects can cause structural damage, potentially costing property owners a small fortune.

To help PMPs battle this pest, Control Solutions Inc. (CSI) developed Taurus Dry, a dry flowable termiticide that simplifies termite spot treatments for drywood and subterranean termites.

A new dry flowable termiticide is born

The PDS with Taurus Dry (Photo: CSI)

The PDS with Taurus Dry (Photo: CSI)

With no dry flowable termiticide on the market at the time, CSI was approached by a number of PMPs — from large companies and small — asking if they could create a product to fill the void.

“When PMPs come to us requesting a specific product not once, not twice, not three times — we quickly saw that this was something the industry needed,” says Dr. Janis Reed, BCE, technical services manager of CSI’s product development team. “We didn’t make that decision; the industry made it for us.”

As the CSI team began developing the soon-to-be Taurus Dry, they realized that they had a device that would make applications of a dry flowable more precise and consistent: The Precision Delivery System (PDS).

With the PDS, Taurus Dry can be applied directly into cracks, crevices and other hard-to-reach locations, allowing PMPs to take the fight directly to termites at their source unlike ever before.

Taurus Dry | Photo: CSI

How it works

PMPs already familiar with the PDS from its launch in 2019 with Doxem Precise will know that application rates are determined by the amount of time the trigger is applied. For Taurus Dry, the PDS will dispense the product at a rate of 0.1 grams per two seconds of trigger activation time. Each cartridge contains three grams of the dry flowable termiticide, meaning up to 30 placements per cartridge.

After it is applied, the termiticide keeps working for 30 days, but PMPs will start seeing results soon after application, Dr. Reed says.

“When a cohort of termites come in contact with the active ingredient Fipronil, they affect untreated termites, quickly and efficiently,” she adds. “PMPs can start seeing impressive results in less than seven days.”

Tackling termites in Texas

The team at ABC Home & Commercial Services in Austin, Texas, is currently testing Taurus Dry against drywood termites. They’re already seeing results, and are hopeful it could be a great addition to their service offerings.

Image: J. Santos Portugal III, Ph.D.

J. Santos Portugal III, Ph.D.

“There’s a void in this market for an effective product such as this,” says Dr. J. Santos Portugal III, technical director and entomologist at ABC Home & Commercial Services. “We are absolutely excited about the potential of this new product.”

Results from initial accounts have been encouraging, he says, but what really sticks out to termite specialists is the ease of use offered by the PDS.

The flexible straw applicator on the PDS bends into areas of least resistance, allowing termite specialists to work the product further into galleries to make more precise, targeted applications, Dr. Portugal explains. One termite specialists even noted that the device provided the right amount of pressure to get the product deep into galleries, cracks and crevices.

The PDS also adds to the overall professionalism of termite specialists in the field — something never to be underestimated, says Dr. Portugal.

Santos quote“With this industry, image is a big thing,” he adds. “If you come in with a professional image, your customer feels much more confident, in my opinion, on your ability to conduct a professional service.”

Taking a look at this product from the other side of the business, Dr. Portugal says he believes Taurus Dry could open new revenue opportunities.

“Drywood termites are quite often treated by whole-house fumigation, which can be expensive and labor-intensive,” he explains. “With a product like this, we would have more confidence in offering this spot treatment option as a service, potentially allowing a larger base of customers to utilize our service.”

And at the end of the day, that’s one of the main factors that drives the CSI to continue innovating.

“One of the things CSI really tries to do in its development is to be very PMP-centric,” says Dr. Reed. “We try to make decisions that will help the PMP, help their business grow, and help their bottom line. That’s where our inspiration comes from.”

Learn more about CSI’s Taurus Dry and the PDS.

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