Zoecon Professional ProductsManaging indoor insects can be a challenging task for pest management professionals (PMPs), as indoor environments harbor a wide variety of insect species with unique behaviors and habits.

What Makes Indoor Insects So Difficult to Treat?

Insects often hide in cracks, crevices, wall voids, and other inaccessible areas, making it difficult to reach and control them effectively. Walls, ceilings, and floors can be complex to treat, providing insects refuge in inaccessible areas.

In addition to being hard to find, insects also have rapid reproductive rates, allowing populations to grow quickly if left untreated. Even a small initial infestation can escalate into a large-scale problem, especially in cluttered areas that are not regularly cleaned. Factors like poor sanitation, clutter, and moisture issues can attract and sustain insect populations. Food storage, waste disposal, and building maintenance can create ideal conditions for insect infestations.

Some insect species have also developed resistance to common control methods, which can make it challenging to achieve effective control. On top of that, indoor environments often contain sensitive materials, equipment, and occupants. Careful consideration of products used and human health is essential.

Tips for Controlling Insects Indoors

Here are some tips that PMPs can utilize to effectively control a wide variety of indoor insects:

  1. Proper identification of the insect species is crucial for implementing targeted control measures.
  2. Regularly inspect indoor areas to identify signs of insect activity such as droppings, shed skins, or damage to property. Monitoring helps in early detection and prevents infestations from escalating.
  3. Implement an integrated pest management (IPM) program that combines multiple strategies, such as sanitation. Keeping indoor environments clean and free of food debris, spills, and standing water is crucial.
  4. Seal entry points such as gaps around doors, windows, pipes, and vents to prevent insects from entering indoor spaces. Install screens on windows and doors and use weather stripping to seal gaps.

Choosing the Right Treatment Tools

Zoëcon Professional Products offer innovative solutions to PMPs. Our product portfolio is designed to enable broad-spectrum, long-term residual control with a range of IGRs, adulticides, botanicals, synergists and combination products. We’re committed to providing the tools professionals need to manage insect populations, prevent future infestations and reduce callbacks. Let’s take a look at two of our prime options for managing indoor insects.

Gentrol® Complete EC3

Gentrol Complete EC3 photo by Central Life SciencesWith Gentrol® Complete EC3, PMPs can provide clients with broad-spectrum relief from labeled or listed kitchen insects and break the life cycles of German cockroaches, stored product pests, plus fruit flies and drain flies. Gentrol® Complete EC3 combines an insecticide with the control of Gentrol® IGR Concentrate. Designed for use in food handling establishments, Gentrol® Complete EC3 features a Multi-Rate Formulation to tackle all levels of a kitchen infestation.

ExciteR55 photo by Central Life Sciences

ExciteR™ 55

ExciteR™ 55 Aerosol is a great choice for indoor crack and crevice treatments. PMPs can get broad spectrum control and fast-acting results. ExciteR™ 55 Aerosol features synergized pyrethrins to kill fleas, ants (except pharaoh, fire, and harvester), ticks, and other labeled pests, with a flip-up nozzle to provide flexibility for indoor broadcast surface spraying and crack and crevice applications for hard-to-reach areas.

Keep Clients in the Loop

Successful insect management indoors often relies on cooperation from occupants or clients who must implement preventive measures, maintain cleanliness, and address conducive conditions. Lack of cooperation can hinder control efforts.

Educating clients about preventive measures they can take to reduce the risk of indoor insect infestations is one of the strongest tools at your disposal. Conduct follow-up inspections to assess the effectiveness of control measures and make any necessary adjustments. Monitoring the situation over time helps to prevent re-infestations and ensures long-term control.

By combining these strategies and staying informed about the latest developments in pest management techniques, PMPs can effectively control a wide variety of indoor insects.

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