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Reaching pests like cockroaches and termites in deep crevices can prove difficult without an effective product and delivery method. And often, an infestation can’t be fully eliminated without making precise applications in these hidden harborages. That’s why many pest management professionals (PMPs) have turned to Control Solutions Inc.’s (CSI’s) Precision Delivery System (PDS) and the company’s proprietary dry flowable products for these hard-to-reach areas.

Finding the source

Doug Foster

Doug Foster

Doug Foster began using the PDS applicator when it came out in 2019, purchasing two for his technicians. His company, Burt’s Termite & Pest Control, is located in Columbus, Ind., and offers termite and pest control services to residential and commercial properties. Foster soon saw the applicator’s ease of use and how much his team liked them, so he purchased eight more.

“The main thing has been the ease of application and the simple process to put it together,” Foster says.

Burt’s Termite & Pest technicians use the PDS to apply Doxem Precise, a dry flowable cockroach bait, on initial treatments and bad infestations in apartments and restaurants. They mainly use the applicator and Doxem Precise to control German cockroaches (Blattella germanica), though they have also used them against ants, crickets and other labeled pests.

Photo: Doug Foster

Brandon Foster, Doug Foster’s son and technician at Burt’s Termite & Pest, uses the PDS to apply Doxem Precise in a crevice. (Photo: Doug Foster)

“We’ve used other tools, and they often fail at some point, or they are too bulky, hard to handle or the battery runs out,” Foster says. “We’ve had these ever since they came out, and we haven’t had a single problem.”

Often times, when Foster’s technicians take over an apartment complex, they’ll see where other companies have used other baits — or even residents will have used over-the-counter baits.

“So, when we come in, we’re completely different to the cockroach, and the acceptance to Doxem Precise has been incredible,” he says. “It’ll reach into so many areas.”

Other benefits of the dry flowable product are that there’s no cleanup needed, and there’s little to no product wasted because it easily comes out, says Foster, who has been in the industry for nearly 50 years. Paired with the applicator, he says, they are able to deliver impressive results.

Case in point

Image: CSI

Image: CSI

Foster was contacted to manage cockroaches in a high-end apartment complex, which was located above a restaurant. He realized the source was the restaurant, so he and a technician went to investigate — and what they found was horrific, he says.

The duo started using the PDS applicator with Doxem Precise to get to hard-to-reach areas like wall voids and around pipe openings, in addition to other products. Next, they used vacuums to capture cockroaches as they moved equipment, shelving and products around the restaurant.

They also put out glue monitors to see whether there were hot spots they might have missed, which revealed traffic in the drop ceiling between the restaurant and apartments. So, they followed up with more Doxem Precise and liquids before inspecting again. The clients were thrilled with the results, Foster reports.

“We found two cockroaches where there had been thousands,” he adds. “Even the property manager was shocked. We knew Doxem Precise was a good product, but that reinforced that we really had something here. It’s a game changer.”

Targeting termites

Peter McHugh

Peter McHugh

For Peter McHugh, ACE, branch manager of Nader’s Pest Raiders, an Arrow Exterminators’ company, in Ponte Vedra, Fla., the PDS applicator has helped his team achieve quick, effective results at termite accounts.

“The PDS takes the guesswork out of the application for technicians,” he says. “It’s a lot easier to get precision application into termite galleries and areas that are normally hard to get to.”

McHugh says his team uses the PDS applicator with Taurus Dry, a dry flowable termiticide with the active ingredient fipronil. They mostly treat for drywood termites (Kalotermitidae) with the applicator, which can reach into termite harborage.

Photo: CSI

Photo: CSI

“The system allows you to deliver the product directly in the galleries,” McHugh says. “It’s an extremely effective tool for drywood termite spot applications.”

Another selling point for him has been how the applicator delivers an accurate dose with each use. For Taurus Dry, the PDS will dispense the product at a rate of 0.1 gram per two seconds of trigger activation time. Each cartridge contains 3 grams of the dry flowable termiticide, meaning up to 30 placements per cartridge.

“It’s become a reliable and trusted product in our arsenal,” McHugh concludes. “It’s our new go-to product.”

Learn more about CSI’s Taurus Dry, Doxem Precise and the PDS.

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