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Combination products add flexibility and convenience to your pest management protocol.

In the age of smartphones, convenience is king. We’ve grown accustomed to having a camera, internet browser, jukebox, movie theater and arcade all within a single device that slips into our pocket. This mentality has left consumers looking at the items they use in daily life and asking “what else can you do for me?”

TurrentineFor the Zoëcon Professional Products division of Central Life Sciences, this question has been a driving force behind the group’s latest wave of product innovation.

“We understand the value placed on versatility in our personal and professional lives, so we’ve made a real concerted effort to deliver that in the products our customers rely on,” said Ken Turrentine, director of marketing for the Zoëcon Professional Products division. “We work closely with the professionals in the field that are using these products day to day, so we know the tools they need to build their pest management protocols.”

Do more with less

As a pest management professional (PMP), your customers count on you to have a solution that will manage any of a multitude of pests, down to the specific genus and species. But as different ailments require their own prescribed treatments, different pests may react uniquely to the same product.

Much of Zoëcon’s recent product research and development has centered on combining multiple active ingredients to create formulations that deliver more effective, versatile tools for PMPs. These combination solutions can help PMPs consolidate the products they use in a given application setting, under simplified established protocol and while managing a variety of pests.

With combination solutions, PMPs can do more with less for sites such as kitchens and living areas, as well as treatments to perimeter and general use areas.


Several pests, such as cockroaches and fruit flies, are attracted to the odors and moisture found in kitchens as they search for food and water. But the kitchen — where we prepare and serve meals for our families — is the last place we want to see pests.

PMPs can manage these pests with the long-term control of Gentrol® Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) combined with the quick knockdown of an insecticide with Gentrol® Complete Aerosol. The versatile product is approved in multiple application sites — including food-handling areas — making it ideal for management of the following common kitchen pests.

Living areas

Fleas and ticks require warm-blooded hosts to live and are most likely to be found in the areas of the home where people and pets spend the majority of their time. To manage these pests and others in living rooms and bedrooms, PMPs can apply the combination insecticide and IGR solution Precor® 2625 Premise Spray.

Perimeter and general use

For common pests that nest in hard-to-reach places, PMPs have a versatile solution with Zenprox® Xtend Aerosol. The product features a unique combination of four insecticidal active ingredients with an IGR for the quick kill and extended management of more than 25 labeled insects, indoors and out. The flexible label makes Zenprox® Xtend Aerosol ideal for the management of common pests inside and outside of the home.


“We owe much of our reputation to the success of our flagship Gentrol, Precor and Zenprox lines, so they provided a great foundation to build from for these new enhanced offerings,” says Turrentine. “It’s exciting to deliver familiar brands that our customers have come to rely on with newly added convenience and application possibilities.”

About Zoëcon Professional Products

Zoëcon Professional Products offers a complete portfolio of professional pest management solutions, including IGRs, traditional insecticides, botanically based products and synergistic formulations that offer PMPs innovative alternatives. The majority of the company’s products feature minimum-risk active ingredients, and now with natural products, a number of FIFRA 25(b) exempt offerings.

To learn more about Zoëcon Professional Products and its line of all-in-one aerosols, visit www.zoecon.com. Precor, Gentrol, Zenprox and Zoëcon are registered trademarks of Wellmark International. 

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