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Why are PMPs joining FMC True Champions?

Rebates, business resources and industry support… all from one free program

FMC’s loyalty program is called FMC True Champions, and it was created for pest management professionals (PMPs) to support businesses of all sizes, from single-truck operations to large pest control companies.

FMC True Champions is built on three pillars: Product Rewards, Business-Building Solutions, and Industry Commitment, all three driving more PMPs to sign up for the free program each year.

Program participants have the ability to earn cash back  on FMC product purchases through FMC True Champions’ Dynamic Rewards rebate program, an automatic benefit with no invoices to upload and a low minimum to qualify.

FMC’s Business-Building Solutions feature product assurances, and access to exclusive technical and business resources, like the First Friday Webinar Series, that provides free continuing education units (CEUs) every month to PMPs.

Finally, FMC sustains its 40-year Industry Commitment through its Premiere Sponsorship of the National Pest Management Association’s (NPMA’s) Legislative Day event, and its firm support of the NPMA’s PestVets organization; including launching the PestVets Giveback Program.

Here’s a deeper look at what FMC True Champions pillars add up to, and how they benefit PMPs — all at no additional charge.

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Product Rewards: Simple, automatic rebates

To receive rebates, customers don’t have to worry about uploading invoices or buying a minimum number of products. They simply register for free, and FMC handles the rest. The rebates are designed to support the purchasing pattern of each individual customer.

Every FMC customer enrolled in FMC True Champions earns rebates, regardless of company size. Savings opportunities are present for single-digit operators, or larger PMPs like Adam Carace of Pest-End, who employs more than 50 technicians. The FMC True Champions program offers flexibility, with the option to buy in bulk or as needed.

FMC Dynamic Rewards

To learn more about Dynamic Rewards and how to save money every time you buy your favorite FMC products, click here.

FMC Season Kickoff

Double rebates during FMC’s Season Kickoff Event 

Until May 31, FMC True Champions members earn double Dynamic Reward rebates on insecticides, including popular products like Scion® Insecticide with UVX™ Technology, Talstar® Professional Insecticide, Transport® Mikron® Insecticide, and more. 

PMPs can sign up for free and learn more about the promotion here.

Business-Building Solutions: Free PMP resources

In addition to rebates, FMC True Champions members get access to product assurances, such as a 90-day assurance on perimeter treatments and a 75-day assurance on mosquitos and ticks.

FMC Webinar

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FMC True Champions customers gain access to educational resources and training sessions that help them grow their businesses and learn more about pest management. The FMC First Friday Webinar Series offers  PMPs an opportunity to  earn free continuing education units (CEUs) every month. Instruction comes from FMC experts and others working in pest control.

Several PMPs have turned to FMC for in-house technical training or used the business development section of FMC’s website as guidance for training within their own enterprises. FMC’s Business-Building Solutions have become a strong foundation and resource for PMPs nationwide as they seek to continue their education and certification.

Industry Commitment: Supporting the work of PMPs

FMC is a premier sponsor of the National Pest Management Association’s (NPMA’s) Legislative Day. At the annual event, held this year from March 22-24, hundreds of PMPs and suppliers meet in Washington, D.C., to express industry concerns to members of Congress and promote legislation that would aid the industry.

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Also, FMC supports PestVets, a nonprofit that helps military Veterans transition from the armed forces to careers in pest management. PestVets, created by NPMA in 2014, aims to make Veterans aware of industry opportunities, provide mentorship programs for them and recognize Veterans for their industry contributions. FMC donates a portion of qualified product purchases made by FMC True Champions members to PestVets each year. Learn more about how to participate in our Give Back program here.

Learn more about FMC True Champions

PMPs who already buy FMC products and are looking to take advantage of these benefits can learn more at

FMC True Champions

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