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PHOTO: Centers for Disease Control , Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

Who knew fire ants could become PMPs?

August 5, 2020 By
Red imported fire ants are capable of culling Lone Star tick populations. Read more»

PPMA replicates RIFA nest for consumer awareness

June 24, 2020 By
The PPMA released its latest video project chronicling the creation and excavation of a fire ant nest cast in zinc to raise consumer awareness. Read more»
Logo provided by Syngenta

Syngenta: SecureChoice Fire Ant Assurance Program

April 25, 2018 By
The SecureChoice Fire Ant Assurance Program from Syngenta guarantees at least 90 percent control of active mounds by following the recommended treatment protocol. The program features Advion fire ant bait, which provides fast-acting control of fire ants, including the queen.... Read more»
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PMP Hall of Fame 2017: Dr. John Klotz, the ant authority

September 26, 2017 By
The only thing more amazing than Dr. John Klotz’s contributions to the industry’s knowledge and understanding of ant management is his near-miraculous journey back recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Dr. John Klotz’s interest in ants and other insects took... Read more»
TERM Bath Trap

Polyguard: TERM All Pest Bath Trap Barrier

July 11, 2016 By
The TERM All Pest Bath Trap Barrier is installed after the concrete slab is poured and rough plumbing is complete. The non-chemical barrier blocks termites, fire ants, rats, mice and moles from entry through bath traps (blockouts) in a slab.... Read more»
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Taurus Trio G

Control Solutions Inc.: Taurus Trio G

July 5, 2016 By
Taurus Trio G from Control Solutions and Quali-Pro combines three different active ingredients (fipronil, bifenthrin and Lambda cyhalothrin) into one uniform granule to deliver fast and long-lasting fire ant control. No other insecticide granule combines two unique modes of action... Read more»
Extinguish 2016

Zoëcon: Fire ant bait solutions

January 21, 2016 By
Extinguish Plus Fire Ant Bait combines an insect growth regulator (IGR) with an adulticide to start killing ants immediately after ingestion, stopping young colonies from developing into problem colonies. Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait uses the IGR (S)-methoprene for complete... Read more»
Photo: Trad's Pest Control

Trad’s Pest Control donates fire ant treatment to school

August 7, 2013 By
ST. JOHNS, FLA. — In two weeks, children in northern Florida return to school and may find something more frightening than homework: fire ants. The 2013 summer’s excessive rains have caused fire ant populations to explode, just days before the... Read more»