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Office Manager Laura Lentz and Supervisor George Cochran stand with a Schopen Pest Solutions retail display. PHOTO: PETE SCHOPEN

If you offer it, they will come

July 25, 2019 By
Pete Schopen recounts a sales lesson from his early days as a DJ. He also shares details about his new retail store to promote his business better. Read more»

Schopen’s 2018 year in review

December 31, 2018 By
My wife still puts together the daily deposits for our company. Recently, she was filling out the deposit slips for Nov. 5, and it took her four hours. Four hours for one day’s worth of worked clients! I couldn’t believe... Read more»
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How to equip employees with tech for success

August 9, 2016 By
I get many inquiries from other pest management professionals (PMPs), and one of the most commonly asked questions is about the equipment I furnish for my technicians. Every tech is different. Some are like Inspector Gadget and want every tool... Read more»
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Making Winter Downtime Productive

February 11, 2016 By
I grew up on a farm in Western Nebraska, way up in the high plains of the Sand Hills, just south of the Badlands. My family didn’t farm our property; we were renters. But we did live the farmers’ life:... Read more»
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Public Speaking Can Open Many Doors

December 1, 2015 By
In July, I spoke at the Northern Illinois Home Inspectors Association’s annual conference. It was great. About 40 attendees listened to me go on and on about carpenter ants, termites and powderpost beetles. They asked me to talk for about... Read more»
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Humor in Uniform: Me and Mrs. Jones

November 19, 2015 By
Because we serve the Chicagoland area, my company is fortunate to have many millionaire (and two billionaire) clients. You’d think people who are worth hundreds of millions of dollars wouldn’t care about paying a few thousand dollars to have their... Read more»
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Yellow Jacket working a camelia blossom

This is Yellowjacket Season and I Love It

September 28, 2015 By
Indulge my poetic side for a moment, won’t you? Ahem: Ode to the Yellow jacket September, for most, is the best month of the year. Octoberfest looms close. Smiles abound, as does good cheer. The weather is gorgeous and the nights... Read more»
Yellow Jacket working a camelia blossom

Humor in Uniform: Under Observation

September 21, 2015 By
When I pulled up to Mrs. Brown’s home that long-ago summer, I noticed she had two adorable preschool-age kids, one boy and one girl. I stepped out of my vehicle and exchanged the normal pleasantries with her before investigating a... Read more»
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Start-Up Diaries: No Free Lunch or Termite Inspections

August 31, 2015 By
Many moons ago, when I was a waiter at an exclusive country club in the Chicago suburbs, I worked with Luis, a Cuban chef who loved to swear at the wait staff in Spanish. One time, I gave a guest... Read more»
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Humor in Uniform: A Pregnant Pause

August 12, 2015 By
When I was 19, I spent the summer as an outdoor technician for my dad’s company. I did all of the power sprays, wasp jobs and ant treatments. I had just finished spraying the exterior of Mrs. Johnson’s home one... Read more»