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raccoons on fence - PHOTO: ERIK CIEBIERA

Wildlife control captures profits

September 9, 2019 By
Read how offering even limited wildlife control services can help provide a competitive advantage and profits for your pest management company. Read more»
Illustration: Leo Michael

Fiction: Crawley and the baffling flea infestation

September 13, 2018 By
Read the latest challenge from Crawley McPherson's world. Read more»
PHOTO: Charles Holt

Understanding wildlife invaders

September 5, 2018 By
Four steps to integrated wildlife management will have you on your way to mastering control and prevention. Read more»

Raccoons: Pets or pests?

May 30, 2017 By
Russians are pioneering a movement to shift the stigma of raccoons as mischievous pests to domesticated pets. Supporters hosted a festival in St. Petersburg to educate the public on caring for the masked mammal as a pet, according to India... Read more»
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Dr. Reid Ipser, Director of Technical Services, Nisus Corp.

Tips & Tricks: How to manage raccoons

October 5, 2016 By
Raccoons are a common wildlife nuisance. They harbor in culverts and drainage ditches before entering buildings, attics and chimneys, often through gaps in extended windowpanes. Female raccoons may breach attic screens or roof vents to gain entry, to establish dens... Read more»
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Illustration: Leo Michael

Wildlife management merits a closer look

August 29, 2016 By
Wildlife management is a “one to watch” pest segment, we proclaimed in our 2016 State of the Industry report. Nearly half of our survey respondents offer wildlife management, and more than one-third report the niche’s profitability is increasing. Handling raccoons,... Read more»
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Top 10 nuisance wildlife for Critter Control franchise

August 26, 2016 By
Climate and location can determine which wildlife is the biggest nuisance for Critter Control throughout the year. The following list is the most applicable for spring and summer: Raccoons are nocturnal mammals common throughout North America. Besides the native northern... Read more»
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photo: Heron

Heron takes on Running Man Challenge

July 12, 2016 By
Have you heard of the Running Man dance? Orlando, Fla.-based Heron Home & Outdoor has embraced the challenge by creating a Running Man music video. Read more»
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Photo: ©istock.com/IgorSPb

Callback Cures: Potential Sources for Persistent Fleas

September 15, 2015 By
Nuisance wildlife pests can invade structures, cause significant damage and interfere with the quality of life for clients in urban, suburban and rural areas. But in addition to scratching noises and other unnerving bumps in the night, animals such as... Read more»

Smart Raccoon More Talented Than Toddler

July 17, 2015 By
It’s no secret that raccoons are fairly smart animals, which is why they can be difficult to catch and get the reputation as annoying pests. But if you’re one of those pest management professionals who thinks raccoons are nothing but... Read more»
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