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Update on NPMA-supported research that will impact pest control

November 6, 2019 By
PMP columnist Dr. Jim Fredericks, and VP of technical and regulatory affairs for the National Pest Management Association, shares some of the latest research being funded by the Pest Management Foundation, including Dr. Niamh Quinn’s research on rodenticides. (Intro background... Read more»
Photo: Lee Karney, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Bugwood.org

The sort-of squirrelly bird catches the headline

October 24, 2019 By
It has not escaped our attention that a variety of instances where birds are just being birds has been making the news lately. Take, for instance, the following: When male birds put in the work, happiness ensues: Inverse.com reports on... Read more»
IMAGE: Mat Pound, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Bugwood.org

Fungi could be the answer to winter ticks, new research shows

October 10, 2019 By
Back in 2015, we featured the horrific plight of so-called “ghost moose,” so named “for the light patches of skin showing as a result of their attempts to remove tens of thousands of ticks attached to their skin by rubbing... Read more»
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Industry advocates weigh in on California’s proposed rodenticide ban

September 26, 2019 By , and
Pest control industry advocates share their perspectives on California's proposed legislation to ban second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides. Read more»
Photo: iStock.com/proxyminder

Mating temporarily blinds honey bee queens

September 11, 2019 By
New research from the University of California (UC) Riverside finds male honey bees inject toxins during sex that cause temporary blindness in queens. Read more»
Photo: iStock.com/letty17

Bees are omnivores, new research shows

September 5, 2019 By
Contrary to the belief that bees eat just nectar and pollen, a team of scientists has shown that bee larvae have a taste for "microbial meat."  Read more»
Anopheles mosquito (PHOTO: JIM GATHANY/CDC)

Mosquito salivary glands curb spread of malaria parasites

September 5, 2019 By
Johns Hopkins Medicine scientists say they have discovered that malaria-causing parasites are stopped by a roadblock in mosquitoes' spit glands. Read more»
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USFS Termiticide Report: Hurricane Michael ravages Florida test site

The U.S. Forest Service provides its termiticide testing report for 2018, despite the damage caused by the October 2018 hurricane. Read more»

PMPs further education through PMU

June 13, 2019 By
Pest Management University based in Florida, helps pest management professionals further technical knowledge of pest control. Read more»

Purdue study fine-tunes baiting for pavement ants

June 11, 2019 By and
Blanket baiting as an initial treatment for pavement ants may be followed by target baiting ... to provide favorable customer satisfaction. Read more»