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NPMA updates wood destroying insect report form

September 16, 2019 By
The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) licensed ServiceMark to print the updated National Wood Destroying Insect Report form NPMA-33. Read more»

Tools for termites

March 24, 2019 By
Product manufacturers share what’s new, what’s coming, and their forecasts for 2019-2025. Read more»

Beware of unethical house flippers

February 28, 2019 By
Unethical house flippers are an increasing threat to termite/WDO inspectors. Read more»
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PMPs say termite control is rewarding work

January 26, 2019 By
At Pest Management Professional (PMP), we strive to share insights from those who work in the field, day in and day out, to protect their customers’ health and property from pest infestations. Readers enthusiastically explained how satisfying termite control can... Read more»
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PMPs rank top 5 most-prevalent species

December 6, 2017 By
Carpenter ants top our State of the Industry lists this year. Read more»

Termites vs. carpenter ants: Know your wood destroyers

May 6, 2016 By
Chances are you’ve experienced a customer call (or dozens) for “a termite infestation,” only to find no evidence of such pests on-site, but a lot of telltale signs of carpenter ants. It’s a fairly common mistake for the public to... Read more»

Termite Management: Help Customers 
Breathe Easy

October 5, 2015 By
Did you know that up to 60 percent of the air you breathe inside your home comes from the crawlspace and basement? I recall one client whose interior walls were so wet, water was seeping down them. Upon inspection, we... Read more»
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