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December 15, 2021
  Top 5 Reads from This Month

Rentokil/Terminix deal: Executive analysis
Pest Management Professional's financial columnist, Dan Gordon, CPA, of PCO Bookkeepers and PCO M&A Specialists, provides context and analysis on the recent news of Rentokil purchasing Terminix in a $6.7 billion deal.
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Step up inspection efforts for elusive mice
Dan Baldwin, BCE, VP of technical services for Hawx Pest Control, gives advice on handling mice when you think you have done everything to prevent them from entering a structure.
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Plan to communicate the value of being pest-free
Instead of reporting the “all-clear” to your client during your next recurring service, Dr. Jim Fredricks says to plan ahead to describe why pest control is valuable.
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Study finds bed bugs not fans of human skin
A University of Kentucky study finds that bed bugs dislike the lipids, or triglycerides, in our skin; this causes them to leave their hosts and hide in nearby locations.
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The black lawn ant, Formica podzolica, was one of the species looked at it in the study. PHOTO: UC RIVERSIDE

UCR study: Ant queen's genes determine gender in her colony
Researchers at the University of California-Riverside uncovered factors that may have an effect on the sex of an ant colony.
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Reader poll: Industry topics for 2022
Please take a minute to answer our latest one-question reader poll: What will be one of the biggest pest control industry topics in 2022, and why?
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