5 Must-Reads from PMP's January Issue                                       
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5 Must-Reads from PMP's January Issue


Four meetings and a trade show

Dan Baldwin, BCE, REHS/RS, CCFS, CP-FS, gives a recap of the National Pest Management Association's inaugural Pests & Public Health Summit in San Antonio, Texas.

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Lessons to bring into the new year

We asked Pest Management Professional’s columnists and editorial advisory board members to share lessons they learned in 2022 to bring into the new year.

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Implement MRR for the long-term win

Sheri Spencer Bachman, a new PMP columnist, shares how to set up your company for monthly recurring revenue (MRR) to help reach your business goals.

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Be proactive to prevent callbacks

Taking small, preventive steps now can help reduce call backs later, says Dr. Michael Bentley, BCE. He succeeds Dr. Jim Fredericks, who is now director of the PPMA, as PMP's "Callback Cures" columnist.

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Rodent problems? Snap-E and Big Snap-E have you covered

Take care of rodent problems effectively with the Kness Snap-E mouse trap and Big Snap-E rat trap. Made for durability and a quick strike, these rodent traps are simple to set, clean, and reuse. The traps have a specially designed pre-formed bait cup that makes the Snap-E and Big Snap-E easy to bait and attracts the target pest to the ideal striking location. They’ll never see it coming.

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A new kind of start-up

Columnist Pete Schopen introduces the five pest control firms he is going to be consulting with and reporting on in 2023.


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Reader poll: Lessons learned to bring to 2023

Please take a minute to answer our latest one-question reader poll: What’s one lesson you’re taking from 2022 to 2023?

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Share your expertise on mosquito management

It's your last chance take our 2023 Mosquito Management Survey! We want to learn more about your mosquito control work.

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