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Kathleen Corradi will tackle the New York City’s rat population in an effort to curb a deepening rodent crisis. Check out her qualifications.
Successful pest management professionals (PMPs) are leveraging free product rewards, business-building solutions, and industry commitment through FMC True Champions. Built for businesses of all sizes, the loyalty program empowers PMPs with the savings and support to achieve more.
The insect interceptor brand from Susan McKnight Inc. will now be part of J.T. Eaton's portfolio of bed bug control products.
Learn details on the organization’s various programming initiatives and its year-round efforts to elevate, promote and benefit the entire pest control industry.
The deal was brokered by Kemp Anderson Consulting, and allows Anticimex to expand into Washington.
In Scarlett Nolen's inaugural vlog for Pest Management Professional magazine, Truly Nolen of America's COO Justin Bellet asks her about a range of topics.
The event will take place June 13-14, 2023, at Purdue University’s Beck Agriculture Center in West Lafayette, Ind. Learn more and register today online.
Please take a minute to answer our latest one-question reader poll: What can customers do to help PMPs control ticks?
Please share your experience and expertise on ant control.
We proudly offer our 10SKUs Program with The Plus+ Advantage encasements, designed to fit various mattress depths and lengths. This program allows you to stock only a few products to meet your customers' needs and deliver high-quality results.
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In this month’s edition of “Start-up Stories,” meet the second-generation leaders of Evans Pest & Termite Control, Locust Grove, Ga.
The SureKill family of aerosols boasts an array of different application methods, use sites, and target pests to provide solutions for PMPs in a wide variety of settings. From flushing to total release to metered spray, SureKill has you covered!
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