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Photo: Control Solutions Inc.

Doxem NXT is the latest Combination Chemistry aerosol from Control Solutions Inc. Pest management professionals can now apply indoxacarb in an entirely new way: as an aerosol. With a flexible label that includes food-handling uses, it is a premium, ready-to-use solution for most pest problems. Doxem NXT is designed to be an ideal choice for rotational pest management programs. It is a broad-spectrum insecticide with four active ingredients and four exclusive modes of action. Because it’s formulated with non-repellent active ingredients, this aerosol product is compatible with other non-repellent applications, including baits. Additionally, it effectively kills many listed pests on contact, while leaving behind a long residual.

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Photo: BASF

The power of Fendona meets the precision of PT in PT Fendona pressurized insecticide. Providing fast knockdown of key pests and a flexible label, PT Fendona pressurized insecticide features alpha-cypermethrin, which is three times more powerful than cyfluthrin and is labeled for indoor and outdoor areas and food-handling establishments. It contains fewer active ingredients than many other pressurized products while still killing scores of labeled pests. It's labeled for 60 arthropod pests and 65-plus use sites, and is a great rotational treatment. For the ultimate in precision, power and professionalism, PT Fendona pressurized insecticide can be paired with the System III Applicator.

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Photo: MillerCAT

Protect your business from the vermin that lurks under your vehicle to steal your catalytic converter. Thieves targeting fleet vehicles are on the rise and businesses are losing converters in record numbers. MillerCAT’s shields are designed and built in the USA and are a custom, bolt-on installation. Stop the vermin that are trying to hurt your livelihood with the MillerCAT Cat Shield, the brand that is trusted by Toyota USA and tens of thousands of customers. Use code MILLERCATPMP to save 5 percent off your order.

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Photo: Woodstream

Woodstream expands its connected products platform with the Victor VLINK Bait Box. Using patented capacitance sensors, the VLINK Bait Box will notify technicians of bait consumption so service can happen as soon as possible, reporting of activity is accurately captured, and detailed reports can be provided to customers. The device operates on replaceable AA batteries that result in a 2-year battery life. Reporting functions include the ability to track the type of bait used and compare consumption of those baits by device and location. Find out more and design your system by contacting your Woodstream sales representative.

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