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Safety is Served: Restaurant Pest Control Tips

There's no doubt the restaurant industry looks completely different than it did even a few short months ago, and many changes implemented now will be long-lasting. Restaurant owner concerns about strengthening sanitation strategies means owners and pest management professionals (PMPs) will need to work together to achieve long-term insect control through a combination of sanitation protocols and products.

Exclusion and Sanitation Tips for Restaurant Owners and Staff

In today's state of affairs, sanitation is always top of mind. There are steps that owners can take to strengthen their sanitation strategy to curb any potential insect infestations:

  • Encourage owners to perform a deep steam cleaning of dumpsters and dumpster enclosures to lower pressure from house flies (Musca domestica).
  • Remind owners of the importance of keeping the ground free of food and trash, as pests can be attracted to even the smallest amount of remaining food.
  • Cracks, crevices, holes and door sweeps should all be inspected and properly sealed and/or repaired.
  • Recommend to owners that all drain covers be pulled and cleaned of debris and organic material at least 3 feet down with a wire brush.
  • How's the landscaping? Owners should cut back any shrubs, trees, etc., touching the building. Some customers like having the ivy grow up the wall, but it's best to remove this, as it's an excellent harborage area for Asian cockroaches (Blattella asahinai).
  • Any extra downtime that restaurant staff has should be spent cleaning and organizing to remove clutter, which will help cut down on pest harborage.

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Insect Control Tips for PMPs
Indoor treatments are still important, as the kitchen can attract heavy insect activity. In addition, some dining rooms are still open, even at a limited capacity. PMPs often cite German cockroaches (B. germanica) as their primary insect of concern for bars and restaurants, and now is a great opportunity to perform a thorough treatment.

  • If the account hasn't been serviced in a while, re-inspect for insect activity. Chances are that cockroach, rodent, small fly and house fly populations have increased.
  • Bio-remedial foaming solutions can be injected into drains and have a great opportunity to work their magic since drains aren't being used as much.
  • The limited capacity presents a great opportunity to detail, clean and treat seating booths and other indoor seating areas with a long-residual solution.
  • Use a crack-and-crevice treatment in the kitchen and indoor dining areas during every visit. This will ensure owners and patrons a cockroach-free environment.
  • Treat dumpster and grease collection areas with an effective fly bait.

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The Best Tools for the Job

While restaurant accounts should be treated on a monthly basis, the harsh realities facing the restaurant industry have forced several operational cuts. For some, this includes limiting treatments to a quarterly basis. For those restaurants only treating every three months, ensuring a long residual is imperative.

That's where Gentrol® Point Source comes in. Gentrol® Point Source from Zoëcon Professional Products is an effective addition to any treatment protocol. The active ingredient and insect growth regulator (IGR), (S)-hydroprene, translocates from treated areas to locations that are typically difficult to treat. Gentrol® Point Source creates a protection zone of up to 75 square feet by preventing pest larvae and nymphs from progressing into adults, and sterilizing surviving adults. This easy-to-use product offers 90 days of discreet control in sensitive areas, and is activated by simply squeezing the raised end. This makes the product ideal for confined areas where traditional baiting or spraying is difficult, and competing food sources are present.

Gentrol® Point Source Features and Benefits:
  • Active ingredient: (S)-hydroprene 90.6 percent.
  • Non-spray format utilizes translocating active ingredient to reach hard-to-treat areas.
  • Up to 90 days of control per device.
  • Discreet option for food-handling establishments and kitchen pest control.
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