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Get instant savings when you purchase select Dominion 2L and Taurus SC products at any participating distributor. Purchases must be made between June 19, 2023, and Aug. 18, 2023. Product sizes include Dominion 2L 2.15-gallon, 1-gallon (Florida only), and 27.5-ounce containers, and 78-ounce Taurus SC containers.

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The power of Fendona meets the precision of PT in PT Fendona Pressurized Insecticide. Providing fast knockdown of key pests and a flexible label, PT Fendona Pressurized Insecticide features alpha-cypermethrin, which is more powerful than cyfluthrin and is labeled for indoor and outdoor areas and food-handling establishments. It contains fewer active ingredient than many other pressurized products while still killing scores of labeled pests — it’s labeled for 60 arthropod pests and 65-plus use sites, and is a great rotational treatment. For the ultimate in precision, power and professionalism, PT Fendona Pressurized Insecticide can be paired with the System III Applicator.

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