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CimeX Control Pest Management started with five customers, yet is on track to clear $4 million by 2025 thanks to mostly word-of-mouth growth.
Jerry Schappert, ACE, shares his experience with acquiring small companies.
Find out how you can learn more about important regulatory and legislative changes in your state.
Pests in hard-to-reach places? Easily treat commercial kitchens with The Precision Delivery System. Reach into cracks and crevices up to 24 inches. Use the PDS featuring DOXEM PRECISE Dry Flowable bait today.
The American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators (AAPSE) held two events in Savannah, Ga., from July 24 to 28.
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Photo: PMP Archives
As PMP and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) celebrates its 90th anniversary, check out these major industry milestones.
From Exterminators Log to PMP, says Kevin Stoltman, president of North Coast Media, we have evolved to meet readers’ and marketing partners’ expanding information needs.
PMP Publisher Marty Whitford, VP of content for North Coast Media, reflects on the secret ingredient in pest control’s rich history
The Isolate Bait System is an exclusive and innovative design coming straight from customer demands for an efficient and easy-to-use bait system. It's great for all deployment sizes, highly effective and features an integrated tank and tray.
Safeguard your customers from pests and unsanitary conditions with proven chemistries, new technology innovations, and best-in-class green solutions from AMGUARD. Save now during the Pest & Green Solutions Fall Savings promotion through Oct. 31, 2023.