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See what you missed, and then check out our social media for the latest from Honolulu, Hawaii.
With Halloween around the corner, check out which spider represents each zodiac sign.
An infestation with inch-deep piles of bed bugs found in a home in Sun City, Ariz., recently made the news.
Pests in hard-to-reach places? Easily treat commercial kitchens with the Precision Delivery System (PDS). Reach into cracks and crevices up to 24 inches. Use the PDS featuring DOXEM PRECISE Dry Flowable bait today.
Pest management professionals from Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and New Mexico gathered at Purdue University.
The Isolate Bait System is an exclusive and innovative design coming straight from customer demands for an efficient and easy-to-use bait system. It's great for all deployment sizes, highly effective and features an integrated tank and tray.
AVESTA CS is a broad-spectrum insecticide containing the active ingredient lambda-cyhalothrin. Its ability to control a variety of pests – such as mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, spiders, flies, ticks and other listed pests – make it an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.
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Sheri Spencer Bachman, ACE, gives tips for reviewing your busy season performance.
Josh Brady and Daniel Brady
Learn more about the success of Anchor Pest Services.