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CSI's Precision Delivery System (PDS) is an innovative, handheld micro-duster, designed to deliver precise amounts of dry flowable product. Doxem Precise is the dry flowable bait designed for use in the PDS that effectively controls tough cockroach populations. Key benefits of this system include the ability to place Doxem Precise deep into cracks, voids and harborages with precise and consistent applications. Doxem Plus is easily transferred between nestmates, leading to a second level of control. The dry flowable bait withstands extreme temperatures and can be used in and around electrical equipment.

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Easy on you. Tough on termites. No matter how challenging the termites, Termidor HE High-Efficiency Termiticide from BASF is designed to reduce time and labor on every treatment. Its breakthrough molecular technology allows for shallow treatment depths, few drill holes and small trenches for each job. Termites cross through treated areas and transfer the solution to other termites in the colony through social interaction, leading to complete colony control in three months or less, the company says. Every treatment is protected by the strength of Termidor termiticide, trusted for its proven performance for more than two decades. 

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Woodstream has expanded its connected products platform with the introduction of the Victor VLINK Bait Box. Using patented capacitance sensors, the VLINK Bait Box will notify technicians of bait consumption so service can happen as soon as possible, reporting of activity is accurately captured, and detailed reports can be provided to customers. The device operates on replaceable AA batteries that result in a 2-year battery life. Reporting functions include the ability to track the type of bait used and compare consumption of those baits by device and location.

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