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A new study finds that shorter and cooler seasons may prevent invasive spotted lanternflies (SLF) from developing into adulthood in northern and upland areas of the eastern U.S.
Rodent bait stations have long been a key tool in the pest management professional arsenal. In combination with the right bait, they are a popular and effective way to get ahead of an infestation of damage-causing rodents.
Michael Broder, owner of BHB Pest Elimination, explains how sometimes the simplest steps can solve difficult issues.
Evolve is considered to be the industry's first and only soft bait designed to reduce fertility in rats. This breakthrough technology provides the ability to target your rat population where it starts by restricting fertility in rats through non-lethal methods.

FMC True Champions will host its next First Friday webinars on Dec. 1, 2023, and Jan. 5, 2024. Learn how to register.

Anna Berry, ACE, U.S. technical director of Pelsis, explains the “Food Chain of Custody” for stored product pests (SPP) at the 2023 New York Pest Expo.

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