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PCO M&A Specialists see 6 percent increase in index

Companies measured by the William Blair/PCO M&A Specialists Monthly Index showed an overall increase of 6.3 percent year-over-year in February 2021. Read more

Gregg Schumaker and a friend. PHOTO: WILDLIFE CONTROL SUPPLIES

WCS hires industry veteran to lead business development

Gregg Schumaker has joined East Granby, Conn.-based Wildlife Control Supplies (WCS) as director of business and product development.  Read more


Massey Services makes donation to local Science Center

Orlando, Fla.-based Massey Services has donated $150,000 to the Orlando Science Center to support the Unlock Science campaign. Read more


Boosting your business with BASF

A good product can help you manage a pest infestation, but it’s a whole different story when you’ve found a product that can impact your bottom line — and result in notable business... Read more

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Reminders for keeping cockroaches away

Cockroaches are fast, devious and awfully hard to kill, so be prepared for some frustration as you embark upon your “seek and destroy” mission. Read more »

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[SPONSORED CONTENT] After having an infestation, your customers are alarmed. Their worst nightmare is the bugs returning. Use Gentrol® products from Zoёcon as part of any treatment protocol as an insurance policy against future re-infestations.

Gentrol® products featuring the insect growth regulator, (S)-hydroprene, have delivered responsible solutions with bottom line results since 1984. Watch and learn how (S)-hydroprene, the core of the Gentrol® product line, works in this helpful video.

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The right active ingredient for the job

|  April 1, 2021 0 Comments

[SPONSORED CONTENT] Use Gentrol® products from Zoёcon as part of any treatment protocol as an insurance policy against future re-infestations. Read more »

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Crawlspace Depot: Bora-Foam

Need insulation for your closed crawlspace? Bora-Foam insulation board is both easy to worth with and effective, the company says. Read more

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Even mice socially distance when needed, study finds

A recent study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology finds that mice can notice the signs of illness in others and are able to recognize the threat. Read more