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Use perimeter treatments to stop ants Posted on 12 Jan 2021 in the Ants & Current Issue & From the Magazine & Tips and Tricks categories.

Most ant species nest outdoors, so treating them before they get inside is the best strategy. A perimeter spray provides a line of defense. Read more»

Eliminate SPP problems Posted on 09 Nov 2020 in the From the Magazine & Tips and Tricks categories.

Stored product pest (SPP) encompasses not only food-infesting “pantry” beetles and moths, but also textile-infesting species. Read more»

Battle scorpions with pest-proofing control measures Posted on 19 Aug 2020 in the Tips and Tricks categories.

Scorpions are one of the more fear-inducing pests we encounter. Use control measures including pest-proofing to eliminate access to harborages. Read more»

Block mosquitoes with barrier treatment Posted on 05 Jun 2020 in the Mosquitoes & Tips and Tricks categories.

Mosquito barrier treatment is perhaps the No. 1 way pest management professionals can help their customers enjoy their homes. Read more»

Practice IPM for carpenter bees Posted on 24 Apr 2020 in the Tips and Tricks categories.

The most important step in integrated pest management (IPM) for carpenter bees is to seal wood if possible, since they are much less likely to bore into sealed wood. Read more»

Bird control is IPM Posted on 25 Feb 2019 in the Birds & Tips and Tricks categories.

Bird control is the ultimate exercise in integrated pest management Read more»

How to prevent ant problems Posted on 30 Nov 2016 in the Ants & Tips and Tricks categories.

To prevent ant problems, each quarter apply a repellent pyrethroid or botanical spray on the foundation and around entry points per the label. Add a weatherable 10 percent boric acid... Read more»

Tips & Tricks: How to combat resistant bed bugs Posted on 10 Aug 2016 in the Bed Bugs & Tips and Tricks categories.

Some populations of bed bugs have evolved resistance to many traditional insecticide sprays. To combat this problem, pest management professionals should try to incorporate other products with demonstrated effectiveness against... Read more»

Tips & Tricks: Switch up cockroach control methods Posted on 06 Apr 2016 in the Cockroaches & Technical & Tips and Tricks categories.

The best strategy for cockroach control is to “mix it up.” Gel baits are great tools, but should be rotated for cleanout vs. maintenance. Don’t limit your strategy to only... Read more»