Brown Recluse Spider Bites a Growing Concern

|  September 29, 2006

FORT PAYNE, Ala. — Several families in Valley Head, Ala., reported severe brown recluse spiders bites, according to the local Times-Journal newspaper, which highlights a growing problem with these dangerous pests.

According to Fort Payne Cook’s Pest Control Service Manager Tony Bridges, the company has treated more places for spiders this year than ever before. Bridges said brown recluse spiders are very common to the area, though they are hard to locate because they tend to live in places where there is no activity.

“When we do a treatment for brown recluse, it’s very extensive,” Bridges told the newspaper. “The homeowner has to take everything out that they may have in storage because these creatures go to dark, reclusive places. Treatment for brown recluse in an average size home could take anywhere from three to five technicians and up to three or four hours, depending on what’s in the home.”

Bridges suggested people use glue boards to see if they have spiders in their homes. Bridges said his company used to use glue boards to catch mice but discovered they’re good for catching other pests. Glue monitors can be purchased almost anywhere, Bridges said.

“The majority of spiders, I believe, are carried into the home on something,” Bridges said. “Yard sales are a big way they get carried in. People need to shake out anything they purchase at yard sales before taking them into their homes and they need to clean their winter clothes before taking them out of storage.”

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