Brown Recluse Spiders

Dr. Janis Reed, BCE, Technical Services Manager, Control Solutions Inc.

Identifying spiders to calm fears

December 6, 2018 By
Nearly every call/email/text we get about spiders contains the same question: Is it venomous/dangerous? This question is not easy to answer. With more than 45,000 species of spiders worldwide, identification can be challenging. Most entomologists are not trained to identify... Read more»

Determine the real reason for spiders’ presence

November 29, 2018 By
Why do we have horrible, awful, nasty and scary spiders? Food. Spiders would not be harboring or hunting in an environment devoid of food. Their mere presence is really symptomatic of a different pest issue — usually small flies, or... Read more»
Brown recluse spider, Dr. Rick Vetter

Rose Pest offers brown recluse reward

July 11, 2018 By
To prove just how rare a brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa) is in Michigan, Rose Pest Solutions is running a contest: Now through Sept. 28, 2018, the Troy, Mich.-based firm is offering a $300 reward, a free inspection and free treatment... Read more»
Photo: Tom Myers

Spider control measures from ‘Truman’s’

March 8, 2017 By
Author’s Note: Information is taken from Truman’s Scientific Guide to Pest Management Operations, available online at the PMP Bookstore. Spiders are not insects, and the easiest way to tell that is their eight legs instead of six. But these arachnids... Read more»
Brown recluse spider, Dr. Rick Vetter

Paper aids in diagnosis of brown recluse bites

February 22, 2017 By
Many skin conditions are misdiagnosed by doctors as brown recluse spider bites. This can lead to tragedy because about 40 medical conditions, including several deadly bacterial infections, can be confused with brown recluse bites. Dr. Rick Vetter, a retired University... Read more»
Photo: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Getting to Know the Brown Recluse Spider

March 1, 2016 By
PMP sits down for an exclusive interview with a brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa). Pest Management Professional (PMP): Thanks for agreeing to meet with me. Brown recluse (BR): No worries. I hope you didn’t mind meeting me here in my... Read more»

Brown Recluse Spiders on the Loose

July 16, 2015 By
If you’ve ever wanted to travel to Europe, now is the perfect opportunity for pest management professionals to take a trip to France and say it’s for business. Two women in Languedoc-Roussillon, in the southern region of France, were recently... Read more»
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How Fumigation Solved a Spider Problem

April 28, 2015 By
Imagine fielding this call: Your prospective customer is The Federal National Mortgage Association, aka Fannie Mae. The lending institution recently took ownership of a $450,000 residence overlooking two holes on a golf course at Whitmoor Country Club in Weldon Spring,... Read more»

Arrow Exterminators Featured on FOX TV as Brown Recluse Spider Experts

August 18, 2008 By
ATLANTA — Reports of Brown Recluse spider bites are on the rise in the southeast, although this menacing pest with the characteristic dark brown violin marking is not commonly found in this part of the country. Arrow Exterminators was recently featured on the... Read more»
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By: Dr. ElRay Roper

Spiders Biology & Control

October 1, 2007 By
By: Dr. ElRay Roper Successful spider management requires pest management professionals (PMPs) to practice exclusion and deliver targeted treatment solutions Spiders are eight-legged arthropods that can become nuisance pests when they are found around residences and businesses. There are an estimated... Read more»
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