Bird-X Offers Lifelike 3D Coyote to Deter Pest Geese


September 11, 2007

CHICAGO — Bird-X developed its 3D Coyote in 2007 based on 43 years of research and experience with goose problems at golf courses, corporate, school and hospital campuses, city parks and homes. It incorporates unique features to ensure long-term effectiveness with no maintenance.

The Bird-X Coyote is a realistic, life-sized 3-dimensional replica in frightening, stalking posture, 37 inches head to tail, 8 inches wide and 16 inches tall. Its furry tail and true-to-life markings add to the terrorizing look and imposing presence. Unlike stationary deterrents, this coyote moves and changes positions in even the slightest breeze. It is visible from all angles for full 360-degree coverage, making it far superior to flat silhouettes that must be viewed “full on.”

3D Coyote is manufactured from durable water- and weather-resistant EVA resin. It is portable, and easy to set up wherever the goose infestation exists, yet it folds for storage when the season is over. The Bird-X Coyote is a safe and humane deterrent choice, avoiding dangerous chemicals or restricted lethal methods which often generate negative publicity.

The 3D Coyote includes mounting stake and instructions featuring an overview of the Canada goose problem and its seasonality, plus tips on goose management.


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