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Geese defecate on Disneyland crowd, hazardous materials crew called

June 13, 2017 By
Disneyland’s hazardous materials crew responded to reports of feces thrown at a group of guests Friday night at the park in Anaheim, Calif., only to discover the feces were from geese. A flock of Canada geese defecated on 17 people... Read more»
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Feathered Foes: Canada Goose Control Options

April 22, 2015 By
Canada goose (Branta canadensis) control methodologies range from installing cardboard/wooden silhouettes of fake coyotes to applying for a federal depredation permit to addle goose eggs. A Canada goose usually starts breeding at three years of age and can live into... Read more»
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Florida Registers OvoControl G for Ducks and Geese

August 28, 2008 By
RANCHO SANTA FE, Calif. — The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is the latest state agency to register OvoControl G, the new bird contraceptive for ducks and geese. While ducks and geese are a welcome addition to urbanized areas, the... Read more»
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Got Geese?

March 1, 2008 By
Geese eat, poop and make noise on your customers’ lawn all day long. At dark, they move into the water to be safe from predators and to sleep. Away With works all night long, every night, flashing a water-height LED light... Read more»
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Put Some Distance Between You and Birds

March 1, 2008 By
Repel all birds from any site with Fog Force. It can be used indoors and outdoors to rid all birds such as Canada geese, starlings, blackbirds, pigeons and other birds that have become a nuisance or health hazard. The fog... Read more»
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Bird-X Offers Lifelike 3D Coyote to Deter Pest Geese

September 11, 2007 By
CHICAGO — Bird-X developed its 3D Coyote in 2007 based on 43 years of research and experience with goose problems at golf courses, corporate, school and hospital campuses, city parks and homes. It incorporates unique features to ensure long-term effectiveness with no... Read more»
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Law Review: What We Can Learn from Geese

July 1, 2007 By
By: Greg Crosslin Several days ago, I was up late preparing for a trial and had the Animal Planet channel on the television in the background. A reporter began a segment about geese, starting with the question, “Why do geese fly... Read more»
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By: Dr. Philip Whitford

Birth control for geese and pigeons

March 1, 2005 By
By: Dr. Philip Whitford Research shows a bait pending EPA approval accomplishes long-term population suppression Expanding resident Canada goose populations have led to increases in human-goose conflicts in municipal parks, golf courses and corporate parks. Geese in such locations have proven... Read more»
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