Florida Registers OvoControl G for Ducks and Geese


August 28, 2008

RANCHO SANTA FE, Calif. — The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is the latest state agency to register OvoControl G, the new bird contraceptive for ducks and geese.

While ducks and geese are a welcome addition to urbanized areas, the number of Muscovy and Mallard ducks can easily get out of control. OvoControl provides a safe and humane means to manage these populations consistent with an integrated pest bird management program.

Muscovy ducks are considered endemic in Florida and have been labeled “invasive and exotic pests” by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. Once established, the birds can breed relentlessly and exclude habitat from native birds.

OvoControl is administered to the birds in the form of duck friendly kibbles as a once-a-day snack. The product is non-lethal and supported by all of the leading animal welfare organizations including HSUS and PETA. The use of OvoControl G in ducks does not require a federal permit.

Originally developed for use in resident Canada geese, OvoControl G represents yet another component in an integrated program for goose and duck management. In combination with other mitigation measures, OvoControl G can provide a more comprehensive and effective, long-term control program.


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