Tips and Tricks: Make bed bugs an inclusive service


November 15, 2012

By Brian Hirsch,
Director of Sales, Industrial Division, Protect-A-Bed

At best, bed bug jobs are time-consuming, difficult and require a variety of control techniques. Don’t make treatment harder by limiting the tools you bring to the jobsite.

In this economy, it is tempting to offer discounted bed bug services by “cutting out” certain tools — steam, vacuuming, encasements, deadfall traps, monitors, etc. However, each of these tools will save you money by allowing you to finish your bed bug work more quickly, with increased effectiveness and ultimately, more profitably. Cut them out, and you are likely to see your labor cost and callbacks skyrocket.

Every bed bug job should be an inclusive service; you need the entire toolbox to handle an infestation. Don’t cost your company money in the long run by offering a service that is less than what is best for your customer… and your bottom line.

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