Service Pro offers advanced service notification emails for clients


July 18, 2013

COLUMBUS, OHIO—Service Pro is now offering ServSuite clients advanced service notification emails to use with their customers. Service notification emails provide a professional and open image of pest control businesses by showing their customers that the service appointment has already been planned and that a technician has already been assigned, creating a more open line of communication.

One of the many challenges of pest control businesses today is to bridge the gap between their business and the customer before the actual service appointment. The advanced service notification emails offered by ServSuite helps to bridge that gap by notifying the customers with the technician’s profile. The profile includes the technician’s photo, name, date hired and qualifications. Having this information handy allows the customer to feel secure when meeting their service technician during the scheduled appointment.

It is always the customer’s objective to feel like they have made the correct choice in pest control companies. After all, this technician will have access to the inner and outer workings of their home or establishment. Something as simple as a service notification email to familiarize the customer with the assigned service technician helps the customer feel like they have made the correct decision. This really provides the customers with peace of mind and a connection to the service technician, since they have both a picture and profile of that person.


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