J.T. Eaton & Co.: Bed Bugs


July 22, 2013

By James Rodriguez, Territory Manager

As an industry, we’ve attended bed bug seminars, watched training videos, learned about new products, examined a wide range of treatment strategies, and have the National Pest Management Association’s (NPMA’s) guidelines for bed bug control in our arsenal. But are you tapping into recurring income by providing services for bed bug prevention? Here are some tips on services that could offer you additional income

• Provide your regular customers with a paper or digital printable PDF file of a “bed bug inspection checklist.”
• Solicit your customers for visual bed bug inspections at varying intervals.
• Offer bed bug monitors for sale, or charge to install them under beds and furniture where possible.
• Offer for sale and installation mattress encasements to your apartment, condo and single-family home customers.
• Schedule encasement removal and laundering.
• Offer to dust wall voids with diatomaceous earth (DE) or other low-risk products, for bed bugs or other insects.
• If you have high-end customers who travel frequently, or would like the highest protection level, try sub-contracting with a reputable company that has canine inspection dogs.
• A coupon or discount on treatment, should bed bugs occur after these early detection programs are in place, can further solidify your program.

There is no guarantee that bed bugs will not occur, but with these tools you’re offering a service to help with early detection. This saves them lots of money — and saves you lots of headaches in the long run.

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