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October 13, 2013

Ant identification is probably the most important aspect of an integrated ant management program. Through proper identification, you’ll know the biology of that ant, so you can ask the right questions about it:

  • Does this ant nest outdoors to enter structures, or can it establish a nest indoors?
  • In what areas does it prefer to build colonies, indoors and outdoors?
  • What types of habitat does this ant prefer?
  • What’s its food preference? Will it be attracted to bait?
  • Will this ant population be affected by chemical applications and move, or will they split their colony across other locations?

All aspects of an integrated pest management program are important, but without proper identification, professionals won’t know the best control measures to use. These measures include knowing where the ant colonies could be located, what bait formulations might be best and what overall control program can be used for maximum control. Train how to identify the ant species in your area.


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