Service Pro: Print-to-Mail Services


January 3, 2014

Service Pro has upgraded its pest control software program’s print-to-mail services. Traditionally, the services allowed you to export a text file that can then be sent to a print house for printing and processing. This feature has now been approved by allowing you to review the documents in PDF format and uploading that exact image to the print house. This makes the whole print-to-mail process easier and faster for you as the end user. Pest control companies spend thousands of dollars per year on labor and toner to process their own documents. This does not include the savings they miss out on reduced-rate postage due to insufficient sorting. With this service, you don’t have to worry about buying toner, folding forms, stuffing the envelope, or going to the post office. No more hassle in getting statements, invoices or renewals printed, stuffed and mailed to your customers within 24 hours. Everything is now automated.

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