U.S. Pest teams with car dealership for TV commercial


March 31, 2014

Commercial: Miracle FordNASHVILLE—Erica Brister, president of U.S. Pest, and Jim Galvin, president of Miracle Ford, entered into a special relationship thanks to their fathers, who built both Nashville-area businesses from the ground up. Their fathers saw the opportunity to work together, share services and make an impact on the community. Today, Brister and Galvin have continued that legacy for more than 30 years. Through initiatives in the workplace and community, the pair is committed to working together to elevate their communities. Miracle Ford gives back through their “Miracle on Wheels” program, while U.S. Pest is involved in community schools, offering classroom presentations and activities.

Recently, Miracle Ford and U.S. Pest joined forces to create Miracle Ford’s latest TV commercial. It  features Brister and her pest control team signing along to Miracle’s jingle, “Are you ready for a Miracle?”

“We wouldn’t put ourselves on TV singing and dancing if we didn’t truly love and appreciate this community,” says Brister. “I think it’s safe to say we’re the best thing to happen to a Miracle Ford commercial! I think we were mostly on key.”

It has not been confirmed whether Miracle Ford’s jingle will be re-recorded with the folks at U.S. Pest, but Galvin can confirm that the relationship between the two companies is here to stay.

“We wanted to say thank you to the community. We are proud to serve our customers for this long,” he says. “We also wanted to give the community a sense of our company culture.”

To watch the commercial,  visit www.miraclefordtn.com.


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